On the morning Hillary Clinton is focused on beating Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin, her visit to The View naturally turned to talk of – Donald Trump. “It’s not only women… who should be concerned, it’s everybody, because of the way he conducts himself,” Clinton said this morning of the GOP front-runner.

Joy Behar set up the Trump talk, saying “women are under fire now more than ever,” and citing Trump’s re-tweet of an unflattering Heidi Cruz photo next to one of former model Melania Trump, charges brought against Trump’s campaign manager for allegedly assaulting a female former Breitbart reporter, and Trump having told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that, if abortion is made illegal, women who have the procedure should be subject to “some form of punishment.”

“It’s frightening,” Behar said, then tossed to Clinton.

“He has insulted everybody,” Clinton responded, broadening the conversation. “He has demeaned everybody.” She ticked off the Trump List: Mexicans crossing the border illegally are rapists and criminals, mocking a physically challenged reporter, suggesting John McCain is not really a war hero because he was captured, his rhetoric about Muslims, “the way he treated Megyn Kelly, who is a superb journalist.”

Clinton wondered what Trump thinks is the role of a presidential candidate. “I don’t think it is to scapegoat people, divide people, engage in this kind of prejudice and paranoia.” She again noted she has a million more votes than Trump, adding, “I don’t think vast majority of Americans, let’s hope, want to reward that kind of behavior and that sort of hateful rhetoric.”

Clinton also insisted her campaign will not be impacted by charges of email misuse, “because there’s nothing to it.”

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