There were NBA Playoffs on ESPN and Day 2 of the 2016 NFL Draft on the NFL Network last night but neither seemed to score much over the Big 4 and the CW. Though on another level, things will be simmering a bit less on Friday nights with the Season 15 finale of Hell’s Kitchen (1.0/4).

Up a tenth from last week among 18-49, the Gordon Ramsay cooking competition picked a winner but also held pretty steady with its last ender too. Usually dropping a show onto Fridays is the ratings equivalent of burnt toast and HK has certainly had its share of burns this season as it was also moved around the schedule by Fox. But, here’s the thing, last night’s Season 15 finale was surprisingly down just a tenth from the Season 14 finale of June 9 last year. For greater context, it has to be noted that Tuesday night saw HK and others also facing a high stakes and much watched Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. With a repeat as a lead-in, Hell’s Kitchen was Fox’s only original of last night, BTW.

The night ended up being a tie between ABC and CBS for the demo with both nets pulling in a 1.1/4 rating. With an original Blue Bloods (1.2/4) back and bringing in an audience of 9.94 million, the House of Moonves took the top viewership spot with 7.93 million watching. As for the Tom Selleck-led NYPD family drama itself, BB dipped 8% in the demo from its April 15 show.

Perhaps of more concern to CBS is that The Amazing Race (0.9/3) yet again lost some of its step. In what is becoming a pattern, sometimes adjusted in later numbers, the reality show slipped 10% from last week among the 18-49. Lead-out Hawaii Five-O (1.1/4), on the other hand, was even yet again.

Even was not what ABC’s Shark Tank (1.4/5) was at all.

Coming off an encore of itself, now that comedies Last Man Standing and Dr. Ken are done for the season, the entrepreneur reality series was not only the top rated show of the night but shot up 17% over its April 22 show to hit a 10-week high. Following that, 20/20 (1.2/4) was even with its Prince remembrance show of last week.

NBC saw a pretty steady Friday night with both Caught On Camera With Nick Cannon (0.7/3) and Grimm (0.9/3) even with last week. News mag Dateline (1.0/4) was up a tenth from its Prince tribute edition of April 22. The Vampire Diaries (0.4/1) was also even in the demo with last week while The Originals (0.4/1) was up 33% from its last original of April 15.