It’s primary day in New York, and cable news is pretty much wall-to-wall with talking-head pundits. In a break from the pundit parade, MSNBC’s Afternoon MoJoe had New Yorker Harvey Weinstein on to talk about Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the GOP and the intersection of Hollywood and Washington.

The five-minute segment started with a clip of George Clooney on Meet The Press the other day agreeing that what he raised for Clinton and the Dems in L.A. last week “was an obscene amount of money.” Weinstein reminded Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski that Clinton promised if elected president to “get rid of Citizens [United], that caused everything. And I think, for the Democrats, they have to show that they have some muscle. If they don’t show that they have the muscle, these guys are gonna outspend them anyhow 10-to-1, so at least in that little fort, the cavalry can hold off.”

Weinstein discussed how his 18-year-old daughter and “all her girlfriends — all of them” are Sanders supporters but didn’t like what the Vermont senator said about the former Secretary of State not being qualified to be president. “They took that a little sexist,” he said.

Lawrence O’Donnell asked the best question of the segment, but of course at the very end, leaving little time to discuss: “If you look at Hollywood as a special pleader, what does Hollywood want from politicians when they give money?”

Weinstein replied: “Usually — and it’s not always the case — but Hollywood is liberal, and I think that Hollywood wants somebody to care about the country, care about the middle class. I think the people who’ve made it in Hollywood usually don’t come from very aristocratic beginnings. There’s a definite inequality.”

After briefly discussing his childhood in a rent-controlled apartment in the Electchester co-op in Queens, he added: “It’s not great wealth that we’re dealing with in Hollywood, so I think they want to protect the ideals of the country. I hope.”

As Scarborough and Brzezinski moved to wrap the interview before the top of the hour, Weinstein lamented off-camera, “I didn’t even get to promote my movies.” The hosts both responded with closed-eye rolls, with Scarborough adding, “Oh dear God.” After plugs for upcoming programming, he said a moment before the cutaway, “What movie do I need to see?” The Weinstein Company topper replied, in a borderline-dejected voice, “Sing Street.”