Google is using a speech at the Tribeca Film Festival today to unveil that its Computer Science Education in Media program run by Julie Ann Crommett. The online giant is partnering with The Black List to offer financial grants in support of developing scripts centered on changing the image of computer science and computer scientists in pop culture. The submission process begins today and runs through July 15.

Black List 2015 WinnersBeginning in the fall, the script site will grant up to $15K to three screenwriters — one feature and two episodic pilots — as they work to craft their scripts over a six-month period. At the end, each writer will present their work to Google and address how the grant was used to advance the projects. Writers will retain all rights to the work. Writers with scripts on The Black List site are also eligible.

This project is part of an initiative from Google’s Computer Science Education in Media program to encourage and inspire young people, especially girls and minorities — who historically have been underrepresented in the field — to not only use technology but also to create it.

Along those same lines, The Black List recently teamed with Women in Film to launch a TV lab for female writers.