Game of Thrones fans are in for a real treat as HBOFacebook and Oculus have collaborated with Elastic — designers of the show’s iconic opening title sequence — to create a 360°/VR version of the opener. Watch it above.

The new version includes the classic maps of the various kingdoms, the moving models of the Wall and cities — all rendered to be viewed and explored as a 360 video game-of-thrones-season-6-poster_1280.0.0and in immersive VR. The video is especially cool because of how it departs from the series norm, which is to highlight in the opening sequence whichever parts of the continents of Westeros and Essos will be featured in the current episode. Here we get a slightly more comprehensive view of things — in 3D(ish). Of course, we should mention as always that this doesn’t give any kind of hint as to the ultimate fate of Jon Snow, but we’ll find that out soon enough.

Coming off an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, the blood-drenched Game of Thrones returns April 24 for its sixth season. After the Thrones, a new aftershow produced by Bill Simmons under his big new deal with HBO, will follow the season premiere. Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan of the Ringer are the hosts.

Ross A. Lincoln and Erik Pedersen contributed to this post.