Disney has always been a strong leader in mounting promotional campaigns around their films and for its animated sequel Finding Dory from Pixar, they have lined up 13 brands — some with those all-important media buys — to help support the film when it launches on June 17. The massive promotional campaign features collaborations with Aussie, Band-Aid Brand, Bounty, Coppertone, Ice Chips, Juicy Juice, Kellogg’s, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Nature’s Harvest Bread, Pirate’s Booty, Quaker, Subway and Yoplait GoGurt. The impressive thing about this campaign is the amount of TV that the partners are bringing with them. Bounty, Band-Aid, Subway, Kellogg, Yoplait, and Coppertone are all providing TV spots. For Coppertone, its said to be their first-ever film promotion.

Finding Dory, like Angry Birds, are one of those properties that has built-in brand recognition. This past week, the film was just voted as the most highly anticipated family film of the summer by more than 1,000 moviegoers on Fandango.

Specifically, the school of promotional partners are slotted with media buys that are designed to build awareness prior to and then drop along with Disney’s own ads for the film. For instance, one promo partner kicks off on May 6, a slew on May 16, and then Subway comes in two weeks before the film’s launch. Let’s take a look:

Bounty, the quicker-picker upper, will help lift Finding Dory through a TV spot that kicks off May 6th as well as a licensed-product campaign. Parent company Procter & Gamble will have a purchase-with-purchase offer for movie tickets.

Kellogg comes onto the scene on May 16 with an animated TV spot and in-store displays and packaging. Band-aid will drop an animated TV spot geared towards kids and their parents in a national broadcast buy and cross-promotions will take place through Disney digital and social media. Yoplait GoGurt will do an in-store promo and packaging as well supported by TV on the same day as Kellogg and Band-aid. Coppertone is also doing a TV spot and licensed packaging.

Kraft, a longtime promotional partner of Disney’s, is licensing Finding Dory campaign on its Macaroni & Cheese products on May 16. This all comes after Juicy Juice, Nature’s Harvest, Pirate’s Booty launched similar licensing/product packaging this month. Quaker does the same on May 1, followed by Aussie on May 16. Disney says there will be some print media, although sometimes, that just involves couponing.

Then right before Finding Dory swims into theaters, Subway launches a kid-themed meal starting June 6th which will be supported by both a TV spot and in-store displays. While Sony landed the big fish with McDonald’s for The Angry Birds Movie, Subway is still a substantial player and franchisees embrace film in-store promotions.

The promotional team at Disney was led by VP, global marketing alliances, promotions & synergy Don Gross with Lylle Breier, Senior VP, Worldwide Marketing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances. Nicely done.