Schilling joins a growing list of ESPN commentators who have been shown the door in the past couple of years for making controversial remarks on air or social media. Colin Cowherd was told in July that his contract would not be renewed, that in the wake being suspended for remarks about the mental capacities of Dominicans and then trying to explain himself on air afterward. Once-Golden Boy Bill Simmons’ comments about the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell in 2014 paved the way for his departure from the Bristol campus in May.

Other ESPN folks have been suspended for their comments or actions. Britt McHenry was sat down in April 2015 after her mean-girl tirade against a towing company employee went viral. Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman found themselves on the wrong side of the Ray Rice abuse scandal in 2014, and Keith Olbermann — who since has parted ways with ESPN — got a week in the penalty box for waging a Twitter war with Penn State students.