Curt Schilling spoke out about his ESPN firing today in an interview with SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, saying he might have acted differently if he needed the job for financial reasons.

“If that job meant I had to continue doing it to put a roof over the head of my family and food on my table, I’m probably acting a little differently than I did,” Schilling said. “A lot of people can’t or won’t jeopardize what they do for a living to be and espouse the things they believe … I’m not that guy. I’m not dependent on other people to support my family for the rest of my life.”

Schilling also said he loved the job and the people he worked with, and loved talking about pitching, “But at a company where the rules are different based completely and solely on your perspective and your beliefs, it didn’t work. They didn’t like that.” He also strongly stated, “I’m not transphobic. I’m not homophobic.”

ESPN earlier this week fired Schilling from his job as a baseball analyst after he posted, and later defended, an anti-transgender meme, calling his conduct “unacceptable.”

In September, ESPN had suspended Schilling over a tweet comparing Muslim extremists to Nazis.