Having conquered Cuba last spring, Conan O’Brien telecast a special episode tonight of his TBS late-night show from South  – and North, sort of – Korea.

Conan made history again, this time doing a late-night interview with Koren-American actor Stephen Yuen (The Walking Dead) from the Joint Security Area of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Technically, they were coming to viewers from the North Korean side of the historically significant blue conference room that most closely resembled the business center of a Ramada Inn, and where the soldiers resembled Janet Jackson backup dancers, Conan claimed:

As if that wasn’t dangerous enough, Conan and Yuen also teamed with singing star J.Y. Park to film a K-Pop music video (see above).

Conan also sat down with instructor Jin Shil to learn the language, but he found her use of a pokey teaching stick distracting, while she found him creepy:

A visit to the Bokwangsa Buddhist Temple, to attain perfect enlightenment, also was kind of a bust, owing to the monks’ distracting windchimes, TV satellite dish, and smart phones:

This marks O’Brien’s fifth road trip in the past 12 months with Conan, out-of-studio episodes being a strong suit. Last spring, he made headlines as the first American late-night host to shoot in Cuba in26-conan-cuba.w529.h352.2x more than 50 years, quietly slipping into the country for a long weekend around the time President Obama began making his moves to normalize relations with the island country.

Conan decided to try something a little different with this road trip with the Saturday unveiling (the Cuba special had done well in a Saturday repeat). Tonight’s special will be repeated in his regular time slot Wednesday.