CNN won primetime  among cable news networks on Wisconsin primary night in the news demo. Fox News Channel dominated the night in a big way among overall audience, on a night in which In which Ted Cruz routed Donald Trump in the GOP race, picking up 36 delegates to Donald Trump’s 6, and Bernie Sanders bested Hillary Clinton, snagging 47 delegates to Clinton’s 36.

More than 3 million viewers watched Texas Sen. Ted Cruz best GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in Wisconsin in primetime last night on Fox News Channel, to CNN’s 1.9M and MSNBC’s 1.5M.

But CNN topped in the 25-54 news demo news operations sell to advertisers. In primetime (8-11 PM), CNN bagged 650K news-demo viewers. Fox News followed with 601K and MSNBC followed a lap behind, with 378K among adults 25-54.

10p CNN AircheckDuring the live coverage block, which ran from 7 PM to 2 AM, CNN also topped the pack in the news demo. An average of  451K  news demo viewers heard network’s Jake Tapper declare “It’s like Christmas in the summer,” shortly after the polls closed at 7 and the two winners projected, of the likelihood of two open conventions.

The race was tighter here with CNN edging out Fox News’ 442K viewers in the age bracket.  MSNBC nabbed 296K.

But, here too, Fox News Channel held the lead in overall audience. An average of 2M viewers watched on FNC as Cruz quoted Democratic POTUS JFK heavily and cribbed from Winston Churchill, while Sanders paraphrased Abraham Lincoln and a good time was had in both their camps. (Trump gave no concession speech, but, in a statement congratulated “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” on being “worse than a puppet — he is a Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination” from him.) Another 1.3M watched the fun on CNN, while 1.1M watched on MSNBC.

CNN broadcasts the next Democratic Debate live from Brooklyn, New York on Thursday, April 14.