We’re 10 days away before Thursday previews begin for Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil Warand rival analysts have the Russo brothers-directed film opening to $190M+ stateside, which at the low end would rank behind the domestic openings of 2012’s The Avengers ($207.4M) and last May’s Avengers: Age of Ultron ($191.3M). In the record books those films are respectively the third and fourth highest domestic debuts of all-time. Nancy Tartaglione has weighed in with her overseas preview of the pic. It hits foreign shores this weekend and is poised to gross $200M-$230M.

Ever since Disney previewed Civil War at CinemaCon, exhibitors and the press have been over the moon. Civil War is everything that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t in its execution: Funny, politically savvy, and just a great ride. If Joss Whedon’s Ultron dabbled to much in its exposition of new characters and set-up, Civil War drops the Avengers action into fifth gear. Fandango reports that Civil War is already outstripping the advance ticket sales of all previous Marvel movies. Movio notices that advance ticket buyers are mostly males at 73%, with the average age being 32-33 years old.  In addition close to half the crowd is made up of ticket buyers aged 22-40. Forty-five percent of presale tickets are for Thursday night, with almost 90% of tickets for Thursday-Saturday on opening weekend. Among supehero movies, Warner Bros. Dark Knight Rises holds the Thursday preview record with $30.6M made off of shows starting at midnight, while Avengers: Age of Ultron holds the best preview record for a Marvel title with $27.6M minted from shows starting at 7PM last year.

In tracking, Civil War is surpassing Avengers in definite interest, first choice and unaided awarness. Civil War is currently charting a 69% definite interest to Ultron‘s 74%, while in first choice the Russo brothers film has 34% to the Whedon sequel’s 37%. Despite the fact that Civil War is lagging a tad, “Doesn’t matter because these are huge numbers,” says a non-Disney box office analyst.

For all intents and purposes among Marvel fans, Captain America: Civil War should just be re-titled Avengers 3, as its a pinnacle in the superhero team’s storyline that deals with their fracture. Iron Man leads a handful that prefer to be a government controlled organization, specifically because they’ve been blamed for creating a bulk of catastrophes in their pursuit to save the world. Captain America refuses to surrender the team’s independence. Meanwhile, the new Spider-Man (a reboot between Sony and Marvel) is introduced. Currently, 35 Civil War reviews have a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Avengers holds a 92% fresh rating while Ultron has a 75% rating.