In 15 offshore markets, Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War enlisted $14.9M on Wednesday. The opening plays were across parts of Europe and Asia with No. 1s in each. Disney caveats that while this reps only one day in a handful of markets, Cap 3 is so far opening just behind Avengers: Age Of Ultron which is Marvel’s biggest international film ever at a total $946M. At today’s exchange rates in the same suite of markets that Cap 3 opens this weekend, Ultron did $212M last year.

Ahead of blast off, industry sources have been predicting a debut session on either side of $200M for the full overseas opening frame. As seen by yesterday’s launch numbers below, the Anthony- and Joe Russo-helmed face-off between Team Cap and Team Iron Man is indeed playing more like an Avengers extension than a solo superhero threequel.

The major debuts on Wednesday were in Korea and France. Korea was the No. 3 industry opening day of all time at $4.3M; only 5% behind Ultron and 323% above Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark grabbed a Captain fantastic 91% of the market share. That’s ahead of local holdover Time Renegades and Disney’s own Zootopia which has been a huge presence in the market since way back in mid-February. The Jungle Book has yet to release in Korea. The first weekend of Ultron did $27.9M there.

In France, the platoon grossed $2.4M for the biggest opening day of 2016 — that gives Disney three of the top five openers of the year. Cap came in 16% behind Ultron and 167% above Winter Soldier. Ultron ended its first French frame with $12.4M.

The Philippines also scored the No. 3 best opening ever with $1.5M; 4% behind Ultron and 154% above Winter Soldier. The market share is a wild 97%.

At $1.4M, Taiwan gave the gang the No. 4 opening ever; 11% lower than Ultron and 126% over Cap 2. Again, a superhero-sized 95% of the market.

Hong Kong was also the No. 3 biggest launch day ever with $1.1M. That’s 20% below Ultron and 106% above Winter Soldier. Market share is 94%.

Rollout continues this weekend with 61 territories opening ahead of the U.S., China, Russia and Italy next frame. The film will be open in 63% of the international marketplace by Sunday. Today adds Germany, Australia and Brazil along with Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal, Malaysia, Singapore, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia.