A bill working its way through the California legislature that would strengthen existing law prohibiting talent agents from charging clients with upfront fees passed the state Assembly’s Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee today with bipartisan support.

Introduced in February, AB 2068, known as the Talent Agent Scam Prevention Bill, updates the 2009 Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act by making it illegal for agents to charge clients for classes and promises of employment through solicitations over the Internet and via mobile devices.

There have only been a few convictions under the Krekorian Act over the last five years. In 2011, former manager Nicholas Roses pleaded no contest to charging clients upfront fees and failing to file a $50,000 bond with the state. And manager Debra Baum was convicted last year of charging the parents of two aspiring entertainers more than $100,000 in illegal upfront fees.