Late-night hosts had a field day with Beyonce’s new “visual album” Lemonade, including The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah and Late Show’s Stephen Colbert. But James Corden maybe was the most ambitious, on Monday’s Late Late Show.

“I try to write a monologue for you night after night. Even when we don’t have a show, I write a monologue,” Corden monotoned, telling of the awful pressure to write a nightly Donald Trump joke and tossing in a nod to Beyonce’s hot-button “Becky with the good hair” line, tweaking it as “Jimmy with the good hair.”

Beyonce scored her second consecutive “surprise” album release with Lemonade, an “unannounced” record dropped on streaming service Tidal – of which Beyonce is an owner – shortly after HBO’s weekend premiere of her short film of the same name. The Lemonade HBO special had been announced a week earlier via the singer’s Instagram, which was covered by the media – a marketing strategy which these days is called a “surprise” launch. TV news went insane over Lemonade on Monday, as Noah noted in his coverage (watch that video below).

Meanwhile, Corden’s CBS late-night colleague Colbert cold-opened last night’s Late Show with a nod to Beyonce’s shrewd stunt:

….after which Colbert “white mainsplained”  it:

“Anything that wasn’t Lemonade this weekend, didn’t mean shit,” The Daily Show‘s Noah announced last night. “President Obama said he was quintupling the number of forces he was sending to Syria – nothing. North Korea launched a missile for the first time from a submarine, making it harder to defend against – nothing”: