Expanding its slate of drama projects that tackle tough subjects, Germany’s Beta Film has boarded Terror, a feature-length, interactive TV event movie which it will also shop as aimages format here at Mip-TV. Produced by Moovie/Constantin Film for ARD Degeto in Germany, the legal thriller sets the audience as judge following a terrorist attack and asks the question: Is it justified to shoot down a civilian plane converted by terrorists into a deadly suicide missile?

The project is based on the play by Ferdinand von Schirach which is currently on stage in Europe. Here’s the concept: Terrorists hijack a civilian airplane and force the pilot to set course for a sold-out soccer stadium. At the last minute, and against the explicit orders of his wing commander, a German Air Force pilot shoots down the plane. Having saved the lives of tens of thousands, but killing all passengers aboard, the soldier faces charges for his actions.

The TV audience watches the trial and will judge for themselves what the outcome should be. Voting “guilty” or “innocent” online, by text or telephone, the viewers decide which verdict will be broadcast. The 90-minute movie will be pre-taped but take a live break during the voting, switching to a studio where talking heads will discuss the coming results. Beta CEO Jan Mojto calls it “campfire television” and something that is “the best answer to what live television can do.”

Oliver Berben (Look Who’s Back, Hotel Adlon – A Family Saga) is producer with Lars Kraume (The People Vs Fritz Bauer) directing. It’s set to air in October in Germany.

Berben says, “We are living in a world that is changing so rapidly in any dimension like never before. We are forced to rethink the way of life we want to live and how far we would go to protect our world from highly different global threats. Also our way of consuming information and programs is changing. Terror is a unique project that brings all of this together in every media and every technology.”

With the recent success of Deutschland 83, German drama is riding a high and Beta this evening also previewed chilling footage of six-hour drama NSU German History X 1989-2016 which should be a hot property here. Based on true events, it’s a look at the rise of neo-Nazism and the founders of the terrorist group National Socialist Underground. They were responsible for the murders of 10 people of ethnic descent but the crimes went uninvestigated for years. Its first two hours aired in Germany last week. Producer is Gabriela Sperl for The Lives Of Others producers Wiedemann & Berg.