Bernie Sanders comes to us in a moment of crisis of credibility in the American political system,” Mark Ruffalo says in his new ad for Democratic White House hopeful Bernie Sanders, on the eve of the Wisconsin primary. “People feel like they have given up on the system, and that is exactly what the bad guys want us to do.”

The Vermont senator is on a bit of a streak, after beating Hillary Clinton in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington on “Western Saturday,”  four days after “Western Tuesday” in which he picked up wins in Idaho and Utah. Clinton still holds a big lead in delegate count. The Sanders campaign officially entered its TV celebrity endorsement phase with this ad. Not coincidentally, 86 delegates will be divvied up between Sanders and Clinton tomorrow in Ruffalo’s home state of Wisconsin.

Mark Ruffalo Matthew CookeIn the new ad, the Avengers and Spotlight actor is joined by documentary filmmaker Matthew Cooke for a sort of informal scruffy-guys dialogue about the crisis in the country. After running through various polls by Gallup and other orgs reminding us how much we dislike and mistrust Washington, and react by not turning out to vote, Ruffalo complains that, when it comes to the country’s 1%-ers: “There’s just no justice.  You break the law, it doesn’t mean anything, You hurt people, it doesn’t mean anything. You steal from people, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Ruffalo and Cooke agree Sanders isn’t just creating a campaign, he’s creating a grassroots political “reLOVElution” the likes of which, they insist, the country never has seen.

“I always wish a politician would say, ‘I’m going to bring Exxon/Mobile to justice for paying millions of dollars for propaganda to lie about the environment,” Cooke says by way of seguing to a clip of Sanders at a recent campaign rally, promising to do that.

About a month earlier, Sanders rival Clinton recruited the TGIT backing of Olivia Pope, Dr. Meredith Grey and Professor Annalise Keating, in a paid one-minute ad from Clinton’s campaign that strategically ran in ABC’s Shonda Rhimes dominated primetime on a Thursday. In that ad, Clinton was called a “champion for all of us” by Scandal star Kerry Washington. Joined by Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo and How to Get Away With Murder’s Viola Davis plus longtime Clinton supporter Rhimes, all proclaimed, “I’m with Hillary.”