President Barack Obama isn’t actually due in L.A. for a couple more hours but the Commander-In-Chief showed up on the American Idol finale tonight. Acknowledging “not all of us can sing like Kelly Clarkson,” Obama told viewers of the very last episode of the Fox series “all of our voices matter.”

Opening up the jam packed 2-hour end to Idol’s fifteen season run, the President praised Idol for having “transformed television” and, in what must have been a reference to its once stellar ratings, haing “reached historic heights.” Of course, Obama wasn’t just appearing on Idol via prerecorded video to talk about Idol but also to encourage Americans to vote in elections like the up coming Presidential race.

Watch President Obama’s American Idol appearance tonight here.

Air Force 1 is scheduled to land at LAX around 7:25 PM with the President then off to a deep pocket fundraiser at Disney Studios boss Alan Horn’s Westside home.

No word if Obama will be having another off the books private dinner afterwards like he did with Jeffrey Katzenberg, Will Smith and Alan and Cindy Horn on the last time he stayed overnight in town back in February. Before jetting off to more Democratic fundraisers in San Fran tomorrow, Obama is the headliner at a pricey event at Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer’s home. These are the 40th and 41th trips to the Hollywood ATM that Obama has made since becoming POTUS in January 2009.

Obama isn’t the first resident of the White House to show up on Idol. In 2007, George W. Bush and then First Lady Laura Bush made a pre-taped appearance to thank the show, its fans and celebrities for raising over $70 million for children in Africa.