Although there’s still no official word on American Crime returning for a 3rd season, EP Michael McDonald revealed at the Deadline Contenders Emmys event that there is talk of a storyline if the show is renewed. “There a huge disparity in this country that we can tap into, which is that people who are working very, very hard can barely put food on the table while there are many millionaires and billionaires being tapped into the politics as you can see,” he told TV Line’s Michael Ausiello about their thinking going into a possible next season. “I think that’s is something we would like to explore, the vast differences of how Americans live.”

McDonald was joined by fellow cast members Felicity Huffman, Regina King, and Lili Taylor to talk up the recently-wrapped anthology series’ second season. The show, known for tackling heavy social issues, focused sexual abuse in Season 2. “I feel like this is a special piece of art that is necessary,” King said about those explored themes. “I think it’s a conversation that is not happening as often as it should, to possibly prevent things like [sexual abuse] from happening. We look at out newspapers and blogs and unfortunately you see stories like this too often.”

McDonald touched on the decision to showcase the issue of male rape – which we also discussed with Creator John Ridley and co-star Connor Jessup on the topic during TCA in January – something he says is hardly talked about in our society. He said that originally the rape victim was a female but creator John Ridley felt that they were “not being bold enough.” Ridley felt the story had been told numerous times and came up with the idea to make the rape victim a male.  “There was stuff in the news that was happening about [male sexual abuse],” McDonald said. Immediately when [Ridley] said that, McDonald recalls, “I felt that is was the story that we had to tell.”

The season finale of ABC’s American Crime aired March 9 on ABC.