On the eve of Super Tuesday 3, at which Donald Trump may become the inevitable GOP presidential candidate, CNN political commentator Van Jones visited Comedy Central’s The Daily Show for some figurative hair tearing:  “America needs to wake the hell up! This is real!” he began. “Everybody says, ‘Why didn’t they take Trump more seriously?’ The whole society is making the same exact mistake. We have the rise of a right wing authoritarian movement and this guy is likely to become president of the United States if we don’t stop screwing around.”

Noah pointed out TV news outlets played a big role in Trump’s rise. “Let’s talk about that piece of the media you are part of. You cannot deny Trump has been given a huge platform by the media.” The host noted TV news outlets are so mad to get Trump on their air, they have let him phone in his interviews – a courtesy he said they have not extended to other candidates.

Extra points if you guessed Jones ran like mad from that point:

“I shouldn’t say this, because I work for [CNN]. I have a secret,” Jones began to answer/tap dance. “There is a way to get him off the air permanently. Destroy him in 50 states in November. Period! Let’s just deal with this politically. That’s the way you deal with it!”