UPDATES Sunday morning with video.

Saturday Night Live returned tonight after a brief hiatus with a few sharp opening salvos against one-time SNL host and increasingly likely GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. The cold open started things off with Jason Sudeikis (getting a warm welcome from the audience) reprising as Mitt Romney, admitting that his broadside against Trump earlier this week probably wouldn’t have any impact on the campaign.

But the sharpest moments Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.11.32 AMcame after Jonah Hill’s opening monologue, with a TV ad purporting to show how “real people” feel about Trump. The love-fest included Bobby Moynihan as a house painter on a ladder (“He’s the only one who’s actually created jobs”), Vanessa Bayer as a housewife at the ironing board (“He’s authentic”) and Beck Bennett as a suburban squire (“I don’t know what it is — I just like the guy), singing the candidate’s praises for being honest, telling it like it is, for the people, etc. etc. As the camera pulled back from the subjects, Taran Killam was revealed to be wearing a Nazi armband; Bayer was ironing a KKK uniform; Moynihan had just painted “White Power” on the side of a house and Bennett was tossing books on the fire in his fireplace. “Racists For Trump” read the sign-off as the faux-commercial came to an end. It was funny — in a scorched-earth sort of way.