“Let’s be honest: a Trump rally being canceled due to violence is THE most predictable things to happen in this campaign since Donald Trump mentioning the size of his dick,” HBO’s Last Week Tonight host John Oliver said last night, about five months after insisting he could not possibly “give less of a sh*t” about the GOP candidate.

“Obviously, you know that’ a lie,” Oliver said of Trump’s weekend assertions that he does not condone, or talk about, violence. “It couldn’t be true even if he crossed his heart with his little AA-battery-sized fingers.” In case his viewers had missed them, Oliver replayed TV news clips of Trump, at his rallies, telling attendees of protesters, “throw them out,” “knock the crap out of them,” that in the old days they “used to be carried out on a stretcher,” and, of one protester, “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

“Donald Trump,” Oliver concluded, “is one flaming guitar player away from turning this campaign into Fury Fucking Road.”