Lisa DeMoraes TV badge verticalNo mortal has time to comb through all the video being spewed out these days by late-night TV series battling to see who’s more viral. We’re here to help. Here’s what you need to know this week.

The week Donald Trump warned of a riot at the GOP convention if he’s not crowned nominee, the presidential candidate who already has devoured the TV news cycle also dominated late-night video viewing online, beating out even Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Practically Perfect Late-Night Video, which hit nearly all the stations of the cross: comic book, movie, breasts.

John Oliver paid a visit to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, to explain why he’d changed his “Couldn’t give less of a sh*t” position on Trump; that confession had hit 1.55M views on its YouTube channel alone, by Friday morning:

Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee, meanwhile, set out to discover if there was more to Trump supporters than we see on TV for a “totally judgment-free conversation.” Not. It was closing in on 1.29M Friday morning:

For comparison, last weekend’s Trump-esque cold open on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, which has owned late-night election-cycle comedy for ages, was climbing to 1.87M:

Oh, and here’s that JKL video, which had surpassed 460K views on its YouTube channel alone by Friday morning:

But, as usual, the week’s most watched late-night video so far is Oliver’s Last Week Tonight talker, on encryption, with more than 4.2M views, because it’s a good chunk of the show’s episode, and cheaper than HBO:

…though it was no match for what may be Oliver’s most watched video to date, two weeks ago, about —  you know it’s coming — Donald Trump, 22M:

And, FYI, here’s CNN’s coverage of Trump’s most recent rally violence, last Friday, at his canceled Chicago rally on a college campus with a substantial Muslim and Latino population — who could have seen this coming?: