Discovery has ordered a survival reality series in which competitors attempt to survive inhospitable landscapes around the world. The Wheel is being produced by Pilgrim Media Group.

With little preparation time, participants switch from freezing tundra to parched deserts, rugged mountains, steamy jungles and other gawdawful environments, each of which requires a very different skills set.

Discovery EVP production and development Denise Contis described the project as a “very innovative and very ambitious” take on the mature reality-TV survival genre, in which it’s becoming increasingly difficult find a new series that can break out. Discovery Channel, however, has risen to that challenge in the past, making headlines in 2013 with Naked and Afraid, in which two survival experts, one male and one female, meet for the first time, strip, and attempt to survive naked in the wild for 21 days.

The Wheel is in early stages, with locations and a budget still be worked out. And even though clothing costs alone will outstrip that of N&A by leaps and bounds, Contis is confident the challenging globe-trotting series is “going to live within the budget world that a lot of our shows do.”

The Wheel is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Media Group. Executive Producers for Pilgrim Media Group are Craig Piligian and Sam Korkis. For Discovery Channel, Executive Producers are Joseph Boyle and Kyle Wheeler and Coordinating Producer is Brian Peterson.