UPDATE SUNDAY CBS News reporter Sopan Deb describes his Friday encounter with Chicago police in an interview with CBS’s Face the Nation. Deb says an officer “bashed my face into the street” as he was filming other officers’ encounter with a protester. Deb, who was charged with resisting arrest, also describes the scene inside the canceled Trump rally, with the mostly-student protesters yelling “vulgar chants in multiple languages.” Watch the interview below.

UPDATE with video of incident: CBS News journalist Sopan Deb was charged with resisting arrest today by Illinois State Police after he was tossed to the ground during Friday’s violent melee at a Donald Trump rally in Chicago on Friday.

“I’ve never seen anything like what I’m witnessing in my life,” Deb tweeted Friday while covering the clash between Trump supporters and protesters. CBS This Morning reported his arrest today, and aired Deb’s video footage of a bloodied man surrounded by law enforcement.

Despite identifying himself to police as a reporter, Deb was pushed to the ground, handcuffed and, he said later, an officer pinned his neck to the ground with a boot.

CBS News gave the following account, and posted Deb’s video on its website.

sopan headshot

“Deb says he was thrown to the ground and handcuffed, without notice or warning. Illinois State Police charged him with resisting arrest although there is no sign of that on the video. On the tape he identifies himself as a credentialed member of the news media. The arrest procedure continues, and Deb is placed in the back of a police van while his camera is left nearby. It was returned to Deb after his release.”

Prior to joining CBS News as an associate producer, Deb was a producer for Al Jazeera America’s America Tonight and was an assistant producer for NBC News’ Rock Center with Brian Williams. For CBS, he’s been on the campaign trails of Trump, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham.

Today, Hillary Clinton slammed Trumps recent anti-protester rhetoric as “ugly, divisive.” At a rally in St. Louis, Clinton said, “If you play with matches, you’re going to start a fire you can’t control.”

Trump, though, put the blame for last night’s violence in Chicago squarely on the shoulders of protesters and Bernie Sanders. At the Dayton International Airport in Vandalia, Ohio, Trump’s mostly incident-free rally in an airplane hangar was interrupted by a water-bottle-tossing protester who seemed to be running for the speaker’s platform. Secret Service agents quickly jumped onstage and circled Trump as the protester was arrested.

Here’s Deb’s Face the Nation interview: