Heading into its domestic opening weekend which is now projected at $160 million-plus, Warner Bros.’ Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is bursting with a social media universe of 727.2M people according to RelishMix, while its TV spots per iSpot.TV are pulling in 1.64 billion impressions. Among the BvS cast, Gal Gadot is the social leader counting 8.8M fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, adding 7.5K fans a day on Facebook and 4.4K a day on Twitter. Ben Affleck is second with 3.8M, adding 1K-2K fans a day on Facebook and as many as 8K daily on Twitter. Henry Cavill’s total is under 1M across official Instagram and Facebook pages.

When it comes to promoting BvS on social media, the trio are a major studio’s dream. Not only are they fully activated across all platforms, but they’re also getting their fans excited, which can do wonders for a pic’s opening weekend (this opposed to Shailene Woodley, who during the opening weekend of The Divergent Series: Allegiant opted to tubthumb Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders significantly more than her own film). While some studios make a point to stage social media stunts around non-socially activated stars, it makes a world of difference for a film’s PR machine when the leading actors and actresses are directly engaging their fans on social.

ISpot.TV estimates that Warner Bros. shelled out $31.7M in TV media, which is close to Disney’s domestic TV spend for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In regards to how BvS audience impressions stack up, they’re outstripping the pulls for Deadpool (1.29B) and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (1.05B), but rank just under The Force Awakens (2.03B). The 30-second spots that ran during early January NFL games grabbed the most eyeballs with impressions between 20M-29M.

RelishMix grades BvS’ social reach and activity as exceptional and reports that the film’s combined Twitter and Instagram hashtags spiked to 47.1K yesterday following the film’s London and New York premieres, up from last Friday’s 18.7K. Also, since last week, BvS‘ SMU has spiked by 22.2M.

Currently BvS’ total  SMU figure is the fifth-highest behind behind Furious 7 (1.05B), Minions (1.01B), Avengers: Age Of Ultron (942.3M) and The Force Awakens (880.4M). But that reach gives Warner Bros. plenty to brag about since it beats Captain America: Civil War (454.3M), X-Men Apocalypse (374M) and Jurassic World (304M). Broken down, BvS’ SMU consists of 585M YouTube views, 90.8M FB video views, 37M Facebook likes, 8.8M total Twitter followers across all handles and 5.6M on Instagram. BvS and Warner Bros. pages total a 30.8M reach with the official BvS Facebook page drawing 20K fans daily for a current total of 3.8M.

So as not to gauge social chatter strictly in amounts, RelishMix notices that the conversation is “wild” for BvS. Fans are conversing about the film in relation to Marvel’s superhero mash-up The Avengers. Some fans are curious about Affleck as Batman, while doubt hovers around Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor, i.e. fans are wondering why he isn’t bald like in the comic books and other films.

BvS fans are ripping and re-posting videos onto other YouTube channels at a rate of 17:1 (10:1 is normal) “which is even more impressive given the volume of theatrical trailers and other spots that Warner Bros. has dropped on social,” RelishMix says. BvS’ viral ratio is just below Ultron‘s 18:1 and above Deadpool‘s 9:1 (before it opened). The top BvS trailer on YouTube is the July 11, 2015 Comic-Con one, which has 63.5M views and continues to pull in 60K-100K views a day. The second most-viewed YouTube trailer is the April 17, 2015 teaser that counts 51.6M and still logs 20K-30K watches daily. The third-most popular BvS trailer on YouTube is the second official trailer at 25.7M, and averages 40K-60K views a day.

Part of the 525M YouTube views are the two Turkish Airlines tie-in spots, “Fly To Gotham” (20M) and “Fly To Metropolis” (19M), that aired during the Super Bowl. Both are clocking huge daily views at 39M combined. Meanwhile, one of the hot late-night show clips came from Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s post-Oscar show — a deleted BvS scene with Affleck, Cavill, Eisenberg and Kimmel. That drew 7.7M views.

On Facebook, BvS hashtags have glued all types of related materials and posts together, from the OMaze campaign where Affleck surprised tourists on the Warner Bros lot, to some pretty incredible fan art of the two iconic superheroes. On Twitter, the hashtag was used to promote everything from Gadot’s visit on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (where she spoke about her breasts — that drew 806K) to the movie’s auto partner, Jeep, and its BvS Renegade edition.