Underscoring just how high the stakes are in the competition for advertising dollars in the cable market, Comedy Central threw a monster party Thursday evening following a most-hands-on-deck presentation of its wares to buyers. The show at New York’s storied Town Hall — where hootenannies and labor rallies once rocked the stage — was emceed by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and launched with a mini-set by the channel’s biggest current star, Amy Schumer, both on top of their games.

Amy SchumerSchumer made hay of her recent ascent to celebrity status, the great money she makes and the fact that all the advice she received about losing weight for the movies was nonsense because all men cared about was putting their you-know-what you-know-where and you-know-where-else. She showed a clip from an upcoming show that was classic Schumer, the star dolled up and singing Doris Day-like about how much she missed her hubby as she grew increasingly gross in her attempts to re-create his smell, his feel and, eventually, his look, triple ewwww.

Trevor NoahNoah observed that one result of the presidential race has been that it’s no longer only black people asking him about the possibilities of moving to Africa. He also was tasked with introducing Viacom chieftains Philippe Dauman and Thomas Dooley, proving to all that they were actually in attendance. Roast king Jeff Ross, channeling Donald Trump in red gimme cap, got off a hilarious bad-taste joke about Charlie Sheen and averred that roasts are all in good fun and are actually loving (right) and his continued work in the art form would “Make Television Great Again.” Or something. Tribute also was paid to South Park, celebrating, mind-bogglingly, its 20th season.

Another Period creators Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome waxed funny, and even funnier were Broad City creators Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, who stripped to body suits that made them appear nude, to Noah’s mild abashment (everyone came back out in bathrobes).

Comedy Central upfrontWhen the hootenanny of hilarity was over, the crowd headed to Gotham Hall, an enormous event space where the extremely trendy food options included ramen sliders, broccoli-and-cheddar cheese tots and microscopic waffles with chicken. The music was thumping, of course.