Adaptive Studios has closed the book on production of Coin Heist, a script-to-novel-to-screen project billed as The Breakfast Club meets Ocean’s Eleven. The company behind Project Greenlight adapted the pic from the first YA title published until its Adaptive Books banner.

The film revolves around a group of students at a prestigious Philadelphia prep school who become a team of criminals during a class trip. United by dire circumstances, these unlikely allies — the hacker, the slacker, the athlete, and the perfect student — band together to attempt the impossible: rob the U.S. Mint. Sasha Pieterse (Pretty Little Liars), Alex Saxon (Finding Carter”), Alexis G. Zall (Ouija 2) and Jay Walker (Sleight) star in the film from writer-director Emily Hagins (My Sucky Teen Romance).

Coin Heist started as an unproduced screenplay by William Osborn from the Miramax Films vault called Hole With the Mint. YA author Elisa Ludwig was brought on to adapt the screenplay into a novel, which Adaptive Books published in June 2014.

“I am a huge fan of heist movies,” said Hagins. “When Adaptive sent me the book, I fell in love with the story and the teen characters immediately.” Said producer and Adaptive Studios partner Marshall Lewy: “This film is a true representation of our mission as a studio. Being able to breathe new life into abandoned projects and bring them to new audiences across multiple platforms is core to what we do.”

TJ Barrack, Anne Clements, and Claire Skowronek and produced the film, with Marc Joubert, Perrin Chiles, and Sarah Ullman as executive producers.