Spotlight and The Big Short were the top film winners tonight at the 2016 WGA Awards, with Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy, and Charles Randolph and Adam McKay, taking the marquee honors, respectively, for original and adapted screenplay. Alex Gibney’s Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief took the documentary prize.

On the TV side, it was Mad Men and Veep with top drama and comedy series honors, respectively, and Mr. Robot notched a best new series win. Here’s how it all went down.


Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20164:57 pm

Bob Balaban is making the first award.  “Good evening whites, blacks, gays… and the smallest minority of all at least when it comes to comedy writing, Gentiles.”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:01 pm

Word is that the Original Screenplay and Adaptated Screenplay categories are going to be announced early tonight here in the West so that certain nominees can fly out to London for the BAFTAs tomw. Typically these are the last awards of the night.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:01 pm

But of course, we’re not allowed to tell you which award!

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:02 pm

while at least 1 winner here in adapted and original go on to win the Oscars…this year it could be 2 as The Big Short is the fave to win in adapted and Spotlight is the fave to win in original. 

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:03 pm

So somebody just gave get thanks to the Writers Guild. And here’s Wet Hot American Summer’s Michael Ian Black as host.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:04 pm

But there could be a curveball…Aaron Sorkin could win for Steve Jobs in adpated as he is a fave with writers. There ya go Jeremy…east getting ahead of west already. Everyone’s still eating dessert out here. 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:05 pm

WGA East has a great Twitter feed going…(no disrespect DGAs). 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:06 pm

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:07 pm

The writing staff of Colbert takes the floor:

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:08 pm

Black on Mr Robot — and Mrs. Robot, who makes only 70 percent f what Mr. Robot earns…. 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:09 pm

More info on tributes tonight: comedy legend, from Second City’s Nichols and May,  and the director of The Heartbreak Kid, Mickey and Nicky and Ishtar…comedy legend Elaine May is getting the Laurel Award

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:10 pm

Black: Spotlight takes a look at something most Americans won’t even acknowledge exists: newspapers.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:11 pm

funny exhange b/t Oswalt and Black from earlier…

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:11 pm

Trumbo screenwriter John McNamara to receive WGAW’S Paul Selvin Award, given to the WGA member whose script best embodies the spirit of constitutional and civil rights that are indispensable to the survival of free writers everywhere. 

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:12 pm

Black: Blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo had his name restored to all the work he’d  done — sort of like the opposite of what happened last year to Bill Cosby…It took a second for the audience to respond to that.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:13 pm

John August, screenwriter of Tim Burton’s Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is getting the Valentine Davies Award. That recognizes a member’s humanitarian efforts.  

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:13 pm

Friends co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane will receive the 2016 Paddy Chayesfsky Laurel Award. Named after one of the most influential writers in entertainment history, this honor is the WGAW’s highest award for TV writing. 

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:14 pm

Screenwriter Arthur Sellers to receive WGAW’s Morgan Cox Award, which honors guild members whose ideas, efforts and personal sacrifice best exemplify the ideal of service to the Guild. 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:14 pm

“I’m not making any jokes about the worst  Supreme Court Justice in American….Anton Scalia was born in 1936 and stayed there. No word from the Game of Thrones table who is going to replace him” – Patton Oswalt

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:15 pm

“Welcome to four hours of cringing” – Oswalt

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:17 pm

“TV is so good now, Homeland isn’t even nominated”- Oswalt

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:20 pm

I missed my daughter’s 6th birthday to add fart jokes to Dirty Grandpa. None of them made the movie!”–Oswalt.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:20 pm

Jeffrey Tambor: “When actors get the opportunity to work on a great project—and I’ve had the opportunity to work on a great project—That’s Transparent, table 62. Without you writers, what we do would be impossible. On behalf of all actors, thank you.”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:20 pm

Best episodic drama up now…

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:21 pm

Damon Lindelof appears via video message, comparing the WGA competition to the Hunger Games

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:22 pm

Damon Lindelof appears via video message, comparing the WGA competition to the Hunger Games

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:23 pm

“A lot of your work will go unrecognized” — Oswalt to a room of writers. Before the show started, while Oswalt was testing jokes out, one of the best improvisers at Upright Citizens Brigade Mark David Christenson was setting the stage.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:23 pm

Better Call Saul is the winner of best episodic drama. ..Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:24 pm

Jeremy Pikser, presenting an honorary award to Melissa Salmons for devoted service to the Guild, notes his all black outfit and says, “I want you to now I chose my outfit before I learned that Scalia kicked the bucket.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:24 pm

Peter Gould: “I dedicate this to all the writers’ rooms out there.” – On his win for episodic drama – “Uno,” Better Call Saul

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:24 pm

Season 2 starts Monday for Better Call Saul.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:24 pm

Peter Gould: “Team work makes the dream work.”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:25 pm

Oswalt: “WGA East is giving out there awards by a bizzaro Patten, Michael Ian Black”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:26 pm

co-creator of Crazy Ex Girlfriend Rachel Bloom up presenting…

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:26 pm

WINNER – EPISODIC DRAMA – “Uno,” Better Call Saul – Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:27 pm

she’s presenting the Childrens category..she says she wrote kids songs…”F Me Ray Bradbury” was one. “I think the lesson here is keep me away from your children”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:30 pm

WINNER – CHILDREN’S EPISODIC – “Gortimer, Ranger and Mel vs. The Endless Night” (Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street), Written by Gretchen Enders & Aminta Goyel; Amazon Studios

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:31 pm

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:33 pm

Rachel Bloom: “I love that award. It’s vaginal, but only vaguely.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:34 pm

WINNER – CHILDREN’S LONG FORM – Josann McGibbon & Sara Parriott; Disney Channel

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:35 pm

the award for outstanding writing longford adapted: FARGO

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:35 pm

And the 2016 WGA awards are already a mess. Sorry original screenplay nominees here in LA, but word is getting out that Spotlight by Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer is the original screenplay winner here.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:36 pm

Alex Gibney wins for docu screenplay

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:36 pm

Sorry WGA East…so much for covering up the winners. Everyone would need to give up their phones before they enter the Edison.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:37 pm

Jeremy, this going to be like shooting ducks in a barrel.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:37 pm

Giobry: L Ron Hubbard set the Guinness world record for most published books. He made the desire for making money and avoiding taxes into a religion.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:38 pm

They’re literally announcing Spotlight out here now.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:38 pm

Gibney: This is for those people willing to speak up against human rights abuses.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:39 pm

And that was an elegant acceptance speech for Going Clear.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:39 pm

Titus Burgess is cracking funny bat how darned cold it is here in NYC.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:40 pm
Tom is at WGAE, celebrating I’m sure.

Josh Singer: “Tom is one of the best writers and directors out there. It’s humbling to be standing in a room of such great storytellers.”

–Gave shout-out to two storytellers: Eileen McNamara, journalist who got Spotlight performers on the story of the sex scandal, and Phil Saviano, whose story the Spotlight team found. Both stand to applause in the audience. 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:41 pm

Ya know ..they should just do all the tributes up front..both east and west should really sync their awards. They’re the only guild that does this. But they get an A for pace!

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:41 pm

For documentary script, the winner is Thomas Jennings

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:41 pm

Vince Gilligan shares a story in the audience of one of his pitches, a story of a fly looking for a pile of horse sh*t. Was told he needs to “dumb it down.”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:42 pm

That was for Documentary “American Terrorist,” which Jennings says”is not about Donald Trump.”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:44 pm

This one is for documentary for Other Than Current Events:  Great Math Mystery, Nova 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:45 pm

Like the SAGs “I’m an actor” presentations, WGA has “I’m a writer presentations”….

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:45 pm

Titus said “There used to be just one documentary award — until Dr. Ben Carson separated them.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:45 pm

Presenters Courtney Cox and Matt LeBlanc, honoring Friends co-creators

LeBlanc: “It’s about damn time.”

Cox spoke about the creators’ “tireless” process of re-writing, much in the vein of Chayefsky himself. 

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:46 pm

Who got Morgan Freeman to narrate these video presentations? 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:48 pm

Bob’s Burgers sisters Lizzie and Wendy Molyneaux share a very blue exchange in their “I’m a writer presentation”
Wendy: “I’m writing partners with sister Lizzie. As a female writing comedy duo we get the question ‘do you feel pressured to be as raunchy as the guys.’ I’m like I’m was hard to hear you with my di** in your mouth”

Lizzie: “Wow, I didn’t want to do that joke tonight. I don’t really like push being raunchy. so if anyone here is offended by that joke, come fund us at the end of the show. Only thing for me it’s going to be hard for me to here you with my di** in your mouth.”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:48 pm

Alas, the perks of not having a televised show….no standards and practices exec lurking around…

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:50 pm

Bob’s Burgers sisters Lizzie and Wendy Molyneaux share a very blue exchange in their “I’m a writer presentation”
Wendy: “I’m writing partners with sister Lizzie. As a female writing comedy duo we get the question ‘do you feel pressured to be as raunchy as the guys.’ I’m like I’m was hard to hear you with my di** in your mouth”

Lizzie: “Wow, I didn’t want to do that joke tonight. I don’t really like push being raunchy. so if anyone here is offended by that joke, come fund us at the end of the show. Only thing for me it’s going to be hard for me to hear you with my di** in your mouth.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:52 pm

Accepting the Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award for Television Writing Achievement:

Marta Kauffman: “This night proves what many of the writers believe which is that we hate writing, but we love having written. I’ve spent my career trying to prove to myself that I’m a writer, but this is a good night. Back when my AP English teacher told me I was the least perceptive student and I’d never be a writer…F*ck you, Mrs. McMillen!”

“We used to joke that the worst thing we ever said to each other was “FINE!” I’m so grateful for all of these moments, the successes and the failures”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:52 pm

Note that there is no “violin swelling, wrap up music” playing here

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:54 pm

Kauffman: As television is moving into new models, the term ‘executive producer’ no longer represents what a show runner does. I don’t belittle what studios and network do for us, and I’m not suggesting the answer is removing the title from them. I’m saying its our job in the Writer’s Guild is to make sure our writers are distinguished as writers and show runners. We need a new credit to describe what we do, and we need to do something about it…My political moment is over!

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:56 pm

David Crane: “It took me the longest time to believe I was a writer, always waiting for someone to say ‘No you’re not!’ It has taken me a long time, but now I can actually say, I’m a writer.”

“The only part of it I find still annoying baffling and unfair: Why doesn’t it get easier?”
-Described being thrown into show running after only having once attended a show taping, without ever working in a writers’ room. 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:57 pm

I can’t wait for Elaine May to get up for her tribute.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:57 pm

The only thing writers don’t have with these acceptance speeches is……an editor!

matthewgrobar February 13, 20165:57 pm

David Crane: “The bar was so high we couldn’t even see it…Fear is a great motivator”- On entering the crowded NBC line-up, along with Seinfeld 

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:58 pm

Michael Ian Black is going on about upcoming reboots, including Robert De Niro in “Uber Driver” and Angela Lansbury in “Making a Murderer, She Wrote.” He batted around .333.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20165:59 pm

Regularly scheduled newscast, bulletin, whatever: Tomas A Sebella 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20165:59 pm

Kaufman and Crane point to Nancy Josephson for discovering them off Kevin Bright gave them the keys.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:01 pm

Chris Hardwick up to present….for best episodic comedy.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:01 pm

Sabella was in the radio category, btw. Gail Lee of CBS just won the radio news commentary award.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:02 pm

Nominees are Veep, Last Man on Earth, Modern Family, Maron, Black-ish and Silicon Valley…winners is “SAND HILL SHUFFLE” CLAY TARVER’S EPISODE FROM HBO’S SILICON VALLEY.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:03 pm

And Andrew Evans, the only nominee, wins for radio reporting on the end of the Vietnam War, 40 years later.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:04 pm

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:05 pm

Keegan Michael Key plays a video honoring African American winners of the Original screenplay award – It’s one person long: Richard Pryor…That’s diversity.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:05 pm

Key: “The Oscars don’t look so bad!”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:06 pm

Alan Zweibel comes on to present the Evelyn F. Burkey Award to Senator Al Franken. He recalls the 1975 meeting of staff with Lorne Michaels abut launching SNL. They were the funniest people I’d ever seen and I was in awe.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:06 pm

WINNER – DOCUMENTARY SCREENPLAY – Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, Written by Alex Gibney; HBO Documentary Films

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:07 pm

Diane Lane to tech crew: “you can cue that thing now!” (teleprompter)

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:07 pm

Diane Lane taking the stage…to talk about….John McNamara who is getting the Paul Selvin award.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:08 pm

“A passionate moral code he’s never deviated from,” Zweibel says of Franke

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:09 pm

An industry groveling before media controlled entities. “Sound scary?” says Lane about the Blacklist era. “The truth has the power to keep setting us free”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:11 pm

McNamara takes the stage. Great guy. He’s recognizing everyone involved in the production and his life.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:13 pm

Lawrence O’Donnell on Franken: Al’s optimism made him a great risk taker.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:15 pm

Al Franken comes up, to Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al, of course

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:16 pm

Franken: Is it as much fun being a US Senator, as working on SNL? No, why would it be?

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:17 pm

But then again, he says, there’s getting to make Obamacare happen, and net neutrality, “which  is important not only to us but to virtually every business in the world.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:17 pm

A strange man interrupts Patton Oswalt to suggest that John McNamara did not really write “Trumbo” and that he’s Trumbo’s grandson — “That’s right, bitches!”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:18 pm

Strange man angry that the actress playing his grandmother, Diane Lane, is “now in his spank bank” and that he can’t get a job on Mike & Molly

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:19 pm

This guy is claiming to be Trumbo’s grandson Steve Trumbo…

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:19 pm

He’s got a spec script on Mike & Molly that he can’t get the town to read. “They have car trouble..well, never mind, I don’t want to spoil it.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:19 pm

Patton Oswalt: “That’s a little bit. We did a little bit…Ironically we’re both blacklisted now!”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:20 pm

Frankel makes no mention all of Scalia. Strange.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:24 pm

Margo Martindale cracks another Trump joke, announcing nominees for longform original: Saints and Strangers

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:25 pm

“Dr. Ken,” Ken Jeong, presenting:

“As someone who is extremely well endowed, I’m honored to celebrate this bunch of trolls.” (speaking of animation writers)
“Nothing on the motherf*cking prompter!”
Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:25 pm

For short form original new media: Darren Strauss

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:26 pm

For short form original new media: Daryn Strauss

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:27 pm

WGA Award for Animation goes to Bob’s Burgers.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:28 pm

Dan Fybel…”Housetrap” episode.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:28 pm

Fybel gives shoutout to his mom, who’s his date tonight.
“Nobody thinks I’m as funny as she does.”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:29 pm

Joh Slattery presents  episodic series. The winner is Clay Tarver for Silicon Valley

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:30 pm

Andrea Berloff shares story of digging a dead rat out of a drain pipe, swore that when she ended up a pro writer she wouldn’t do anything that degrading again. “And then I sold my first spec.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:31 pm

John August first asked Ryan Reynolds to present his honorary award but he was wrapped up with Deadpool

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:31 pm

And Mr. Robot wins for New series 

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:32 pm

Wow this has been a huuuge winner this season.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:32 pm

Ryan Reynolds wrote a note claiming he is #1 Ryan, Gosling ranks #5

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:32 pm

“I ate a dozen donuts in 20 minutes to prove to an executive that a character could do that. I witnessed a fight between a man and meter maid and said it happened to me. I threw away a Time magazine when I saw your face on the cover.. I’m Matt Weiner and I’m a writer.”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:32 pm

Sam Esmail is always gracious, as he is here.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:33 pm

A wrecking ball came down and smashed into Reynold’s abs– and the wrecking ball disintegrated into “f*cking dust”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:33 pm

Or not. None of this was true (shocker). But “John August is true”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:34 pm

“It’s as a writer that John gives back most profoundly”–Damon Lindelof on John’s work in the community, hosting the Scriptnotes podcast with fellow writer Craig Mazin

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:35 pm

Matt is chronicling the presentation of the Valentine Davies award to John August.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:35 pm

“It’s fitting close to Valentines Day that we present this to someone with a lot of heart”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:36 pm

John August, accepting, to a standing ovation:

“As a feature writer I have two or three hours of work then I’m cashed out and done , so this is basically the “productive use of free time award.”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:37 pm

Tony Goldwyn is accepting the Ian McLellan Hunter award from Richard LaGravenese. Goldwyn on Richard: “He always makes you better.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:37 pm


“As writers, we can look at problems in the world and look for ways to fix them. It’s about casting yourself as the protagonist in your life story and trying to earn your third act.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:37 pm

John August thanks his husband for reminding him not to do TV, for the sake of his family life and free time

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:38 pm

The announcer announces Leo DiCaprio to the stage and Patton steps out –they were going to do a “Revenant” bit and he nixed it right there and then. “It’s too late in the show, no one cares.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:39 pm

Patton exchanges words with the announcer, asking him to say “Andy Dufresne crawled through five football fields of filth and excrement that Patton Oswalt doesn’t want to think about.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:39 pm

“By the way, during that bit, Deadpool made another $13 million” – Oswalt

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:39 pm

“This is the opposite of the Spirit Awards for me”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:39 pm

Tony Goldwyn is presenting to Richard LaGravenese, which is the reasoner this loveliest about him.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:41 pm

Tony Goldwyn is presenting to Richard LaGravenese, which is the reason for  this loveliest about him.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:41 pm

Kumail Nanjiani nails the presenting gig for his fellow nerds, presenting the Video Game writing award

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:43 pm

WINNER – Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing – Rise of the Tomb Raider

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:44 pm

Nanjiani: “There’s a courtesy shuttle to the stage. Tip your driver.”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:44 pm

Great clips from the LaGravenese oeuvre. What a range — Bridges of Madison County, Living Out Loud, Freedom Writers, A Little Princess!

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:45 pm

Marta Kaufman and David Crane, Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award honorees.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:45 pm

Nanjiani: “You know what I was doing today before I came here? I was playing Rise of the Tomb Raider

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:47 pm

Beloved, Water For Elephants…

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:48 pm


Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:49 pm

And here’s LaGravenese, for lifetime achievement: I got be honest, I don’t think I’ve done anything that great to deserve an award –= and I was in a really fucked up depression when the Guild called” about this award. “I so admire people who are original and stick to their originality.” 

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:51 pm

Veep‘s Matt Walsh presents

Walsh: Good evening scrivers. That’s the plural of scribe. You’re welcome.
“This was the year that “Netflix and chill” became popular. Another one you old folks should know—HBO Go and chill, that means under the shirt while watching Arliss. CBS and chill means gawking at the good wife and going to bed with your real wife.”
Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:51 pm

LaGravenese: Thanks especially to Terry Gilliam, tops of the directors and producers who said yes and took a chance on me. And actors, especially Jeff  Bridges and Robin Williams. 

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:52 pm

I don’t even know if film is the right medium for me! I’m just beginning to understand. I want to star fresh, I want to be an amateur.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:52 pm

Jeremy Gerard already announced in NYC that New Series goes to Mr. Robot. That gang is at the East Coast ceremony.  But there’s some folks here…

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:57 pm

Michael McKean (with Annette O’Toole): tonight’s nominees for outstanding comedy/variety awards run the gamut from the beginning of the gut to the end of the gamut…and the winner is Jommy Kimmel Liove 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:57 pm

Patton Oswalt introduces next presenter…as rejecting his writers packet when he applied to write on Mr. Show….Mr. Bob Odenkirk.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20166:58 pm

Patton Oswalt pointing to his drink: “Oh, you…”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:58 pm

That was of course Jimmy Kimmel

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:58 pm

“I’ve been a member of Writers Guild for three decades and never won an award…i’m an actor now. I traded in my self hatred for self love.”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20166:59 pm

And the winner for Comedy/Variety Sketch Series, the winner is Inside Amy Schumer.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20166:59 pm

“I only appreciate writing more as an actor, and without the words we have improv and improv sucks.”  Odenkirk is presenting Adapted Screenplay!

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:00 pm

WINNER – ADAPTED SCREENPLAY – The Big Short, screenplay by Charles Randolph and Adam McKay

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:00 pm

Finally an award that WGA East hasn’t spoiled..

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:01 pm

As predicted, Spotlight and The Big Short took the big prizes 

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:01 pm

PGA and WGA in sync on Big Short….SAG and WGA insync on Spotlight….

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:01 pm

“I”m not going to thank my reps!” jokes McKay.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:04 pm

McKay thanks Cliff Roberts…”He asked me if there was a project I wanted to do, what would it be. I said ‘Big short’ That’s a great question for an agent to ask his client.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:04 pm

McKay continues to be incredibly articulate about what continues to go on with the financial crisis

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:04 pm

6% in unions down from 60% during the 1960s…says McKay….he tells the story of how the person during production lost their home.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:05 pm

“If you need to pee or vape, this is the time of the show you should do it.” says Owalt, “Hey, it’s my pleasure to introduce the WGA West president Howard Rodman”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20167:06 pm

They’ve just announced the winner of comedy/variety talk show, but we can’t let you know till it’s out on the West Coast.

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20167:07 pm

Because the WGA has this split ceremony and apparently no one on the East Coast texts anyone on the West Coat, because I guess it’s 1976, not 2016. 

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:10 pm

Jarrod Carmichael presenting:

“I’m not here to make you feel weird about diversity.”

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20167:10 pm

I’m wondering, Anthony, why the WGA doesn’t simulcast the show and split the awards between the two coasts so it can all be in sync?

Jeremy Gerard February 13, 20167:12 pm

John Slattery’s back on the podium, and we’ll leave it to you to guess why.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:12 pm

WINNER – COMEDY VARIETY SPECIAL – Jimmy Kimmel Live: 10th Annual After The Oscars Special

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:12 pm

Jeremy, this is by far the craziest craziest disconnection in years.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:13 pm

Here’s one way the WGA West is classy through Jeremy. I just checked out the ballroom. it’s filled to the brim. A few years ago, since they serve dinner first, as tables of shows would lose..they would get up and leave in droves so by the end of the show, only a 1/3 of the people were there.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:14 pm

Jimmy Kimmel writer on the writers who have trashed teachers tonight : “Fuck you for living a life of service to others!”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:14 pm

David Koechner on the stage here. This guy is a sublime stand-up performer. Miss the Naked Trucker and T-Bone show at Largo here in LA.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:14 pm

David Koechner to writers:

“Without me to read your precious words, you’re nothing!”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:15 pm

Koechner use to do a desperate salesman character — just brilliant.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:16 pm

On friend Adam McKay:

Koechner: “By honoring Adam tonight aren’t you also honoring me? Yes, and you’re welcome.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:17 pm

ADAPTED SHORT FORM NEW MEDIA – “Chapter Two: Phoebe” (Heroes Reborn), Written by Zach Craley

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:18 pm

Koechner: “Hang in there, just a couple more hours. Breakfast soon!”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:20 pm

WINNER – ON-AIR PROMOTION (TV, NEWS MEDIA, RADIO) – “The McCarthys and Under the Dome Promos,” Written by Erial Tompkins; CBS

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:21 pm

Carl Gottlieb presenting Arthur Sellers with Morgan Cox Award

Gottlieb: “Arthur Sellers is a good person and I’m going to recklessly assume it was good news for him when he heard it.”

“There are things I didn’t know about Arthur until the act of extensive research into his life–we had lunch. We both rode motorcycles and wrote comedy for Richard Pryor”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:22 pm

As NYC announced..and their show is over….Veep won best comedy and Mad Men won best drama.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:22 pm

Seriously. Can’t gripe enough how these two branches need to come together and break bread on syncing their award shows…or at least break up TV in NYC and film and Tributes in LA….that’s one solution.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:25 pm

Arthur Sellers, accepting:

“Thanks Carl for that introduction, even better eulogy…It’s an honor to call him a friend. Frankly, this award was deeply deeply unanticipated. Everyone says ‘it’s humbling,’ but it’s true.”
Recalls a WGA picket line around time of his first film- “One of those unnatural occurrences where they want the writer on the set”
“All of us are the operators of this mothership we call the Writers Guild.”
Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:25 pm

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:26 pm

that there is Paul Selvin honoree John McNamara.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:27 pm

New York WGAE ceremony is over….

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:28 pm

and we’re still going out here in the West….

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:28 pm

Patton is a little choked up after Arthur’s speech

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:28 pm

Kristen Schaal presenting, wraps her pink sash around Patton in a hug: “Thanks buddy.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:29 pm

Schaal: “Knock knock. Who’s there. Who do you think? It’s our nominees!”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:31 pm

The nominees for longform original…and NYC announced it was NatGeo’s Saints and Strangers as indicated by Jeremy Gerard a while ago.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:32 pm

So far the WGA West ceremony is running 30 minutes past its end point. But hey, better timing than DGA.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:32 pm

They haven’t lauded Elaine May yet with the Laurel Award.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:34 pm

A well-deserved win for Fargo

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:35 pm

Fargo writer: “In honor of the people of Minnesota, we’re going to keep this brief and emotionally distant.”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:36 pm

Robert Towne taking the stage. Finally some action here in Hollywood despite WGA East’s spoilage. He’s presenting to Elaine May.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:38 pm

“Elaine has always been ahead of us.” said Towne. “‘One of the most intelligent witty women I’ve ever met,’ said Richard Burton, ‘I hope I never see her again'”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:39 pm

No camera shots of Elaine May in the room….

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:39 pm

Towne “Elaine has made an art of killing with kindess”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:40 pm

Video snafu here during Towne’s presentation….Towne “You are asking me to introduce it again”

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:43 pm

Elaine May was nominated for 2 oscars..her adapted screenplay for “Primary Colors” and adapted screenplay “Heaven Can Wait” (which she shared with Warren Beatty)

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:44 pm

She’s only won 1 WGA Award for Heaven Can Wait.

Anthony D'Alessandro February 13, 20167:45 pm

Biggest and loudest standing ovation of the night for Elaine May.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:51 pm

“Elaine May and Robert Towne are hanging out 5 feet from me. Jesus Christ! This is why I took this show.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:53 pm

Thomas Middleditch presenting:

“Hello, I’m in the cast of the show Silicon Valley. (Applause in the audience) Yes, agreed!”

“My pants are so tight, my legs are numb. I’m trying so hard to be cool I’m wearing a flower tie. Lucky for you writers, you don’t need to worry about looking good, and that goes double for the strange little weirdos in this category…”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20167:56 pm

WINNER – VARIETY TALK SERIES – Real Time with Bill Maher

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:00 pm


matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:00 pm

Jessi Klein: “I just want to say what a f*cking honor it is to stand on a stage Elaine May was just on.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:01 pm

Klein: “Everyone on this show, we’ve never met someone with as much integrity as Amy (Schumer) has. She’s the funniest, hardest-working person we know.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:02 pm

Klein: “We did make the word ‘pussy’ ok for cable tv. You’re welcome.’

All the writers of Inside congratulated the Key & Peele writers on a great run.

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:03 pm

A shout-out for the UCB improv theater. 

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:05 pm

Fred Savage presenting Best Comedy Series

“I’m on a comedy series right now. It’s not nominated but that’s ok. Rob Lowe’s in it–everyone seems to like Rob. (Audience laughter)
“I don’t have a script right now and I think this is going great, this intro. But this is a night for writers.”
A note from The Grinder writers:
“Hi, I’m Fred Savage, I haven’t done anything good since Boy Meets World.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:05 pm

“Seriously Fred, you’re a snake, and when you see us in the hallway, all our smiles are phony. PPS- can you get us into the after party?”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:07 pm

The writers of Veep can do no wrong

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:09 pm

Veep’s only two American writers repped the show tonight and read a cheeky text from Armando Iannucci 

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:12 pm

The would-be presenter of “best drama” is MIA. Patton Oswalt presents the final award of the night to Mad Men writing team

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:14 pm

Matthew Weiner disagreed with Elaine May–it’s not a lonely job because he has a lot of great people he worked with on this great show, including legend Robert Towne. Weiner had all the writers introduce themselves by name, very generously, and thanked the Guild for being so welcoming to the show over the years.
Also. “News flash: Justice Scalia is still dead.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:16 pm

Weiner: “Without getting too emotional, this was an amazing dream that we got to do for a very long time. This was a record of all our lives (those of the writers, crew)- to have it as a record of moments in our lives, because that’s what we do, it’s a great, great honor.”

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:16 pm

Weiner came back when he remembered to thank his family. 

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:16 pm

Oswalt: It’s going to be tense in the Weiner house tonight!

matthewgrobar February 13, 20168:17 pm

Oswalt: the room is now booked for a Robert McKee workshop, let’s head out.

From the WGAW awards, signing off