EXCLUSIVE: Election cycles always make for strange bedfellows, entertainment-wise. Why should this year’s be any different? Here’s an exclusive look at a new political mockumentary set to have its Los Angeles premiere March 9, followed in New York on March 25, with limited runs in both towns. Tackling topics including Obamacare, immigration reform and gay marriage, Ron And Laura Take Back America “follows the exploits of a hapless conservative suburban couple who decide to take their country back” from the dangerous ideas of liberalism. “But when the culture wars land right in their own backyard,” according to the filmmakers, including “a gay son, an undocumented immigrant housekeeper and a Muslim-American doctor, Ron and Laura have to double down on their convictions if they’re going to save their son and the country that they love.”

protest2_HDThe film is written and directed by titular stars Mel England (Little Big Top) and Janice Markham (Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral). It co-stars Golden Globe nominee Irene Bedard (Into The West), Jim J. Bullock (Hollywood Squares) and features a cameo by Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland. The film is a joint production of Vox Box Entertainment and Magical Iguana Productions, in association with Vaccaro Motion Pictures and Sleeping Lady Films. The producers tell us it’s garnered 16 awards and nominations from the festival circuit.