It’s not an exaggeration to say that the 2016 election is already one of the strangest in modern memory. Fortunately for those of us possibly pulling our hair out over the increasingly surreal drama, the team behind The Simpsons has released a short video laying into the absurdities of the primary as well as the increasingly bitter tone of US politics. The short sees Marge suffering a panic attack thanks to the most recent Republican and Democratic debates. Homer, in an attempt to calm her down, suggests she imagine a world where the candidates of both parties actually get along. Unfortunately, Marge’s imagination instead sees them end up in a fight even worse than anything we’ve already seen. A combination of sound clips and pretty great impersonations from the voice cast ensues. Watch it above.

For those who might be a little skeptical, there’s good news — it’s both genuinely hilarious and, oddly, almost like something out of the show’s 1990s golden age. Make particular note of the spot-on Rubio combover (and of course, the riff on his having become something of a joke in social media thanks to his awkward tendency to repeat his talking points). So what’s your verdict? Sound off in comments.