What’s not funny in Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer’s Super Bowl Bud Light faux political commercial where they talk about the size of their caucuses? The spot dropped this morning after being teased over the last week and it’s already trending. Michael Pena and Paul Rudd also make cameos…because as a nation “we agree on a lot” exclaims Rogen. “Like Paul Rudd, everybody loves Paul Rudd!” says Schumer. iSpot.TV in its pre-Super Bowl analysis reports that Bud Light has already spent an estimated $4.4M on spots and media. To date, iSpot reports that the most popular Super Bowl spot is a Pokemon commercial celebrating the brand’s 20 years. Sparked with percussion and an “I Can Do It” and “Train On” slogans, the Pokemon 20 spot has collected 11.1M views. Three years ago Rogen and Rudd starred in a Samsung Super Bowl commercial with Bob Odenkirk where they weren’t allowed to say the word “Super Bowl” in their ad.