TNT, Adult Swim, truTV and even HLN will simulcast TBS’s Monday premiere of Samantha Bee’s new weekly late-night show Full Frontal on Monday. CNN is busy that night.

In this morning’s reminder, TBS said the flood-the-zone launch “demonstrates the power and reach of the Turner networks, providing an opportunity for viewers across a wide spectrum to view the show.”

Back in 2010, when TBS was launching Conan (which will follow Bee’s new show on Monday), the company orchestrated an online-only simulcast the week before its launch. Show Zero was available on the site, and via YouTube and Facebook.

Last month, appearing at TCA, The Daily Show’s longest-running correspondent explained her new highly anticipated late-night show will “take stories we don’t think receive enough attention and stab them with the hot poker of comedy.”

“We’re not that interested in puncturing hypocrisy: ‘You said that, but then you did this – J’accuse!’,” added show EP Jo Miller, who’d brought her knitting on stage during the Q&A, which seemed to disconcert the male members of the media, though amuse the women.  “Hypocrisy is not as interesting to us as injustice,” Miller added matter-of-factly. While knitting. Great optics.

Bee is exec producing, with Jason Jones,  Miller, Miles Kahn and Tony Hernandez.