Last month, appearing at TCA, The Daily Show’s longest-running correspondent Samantha Bee explained her highly anticipated new TBS late-night show will “take stories we don’t think receive enough attention and stab them with the hot poker of comedy.”

Based on tonight’s Full Frontal launch, she appears to have meant stories no longer receiving enough attention on late night TV programs – politics. Her show was almost entirely devoted to catching up on the presidential election cycle, which has been getting more than its share of attention on other TV programs – CNN, for instance, has virtually turned into the White House Race network.  But, now that Jon Stewart has been replaced by South African comic Trevor Noah on The Daily Show and it no longer is a major voice in presidential politics, and what with The Colbert Report gone from the TV landscape so Stephen Colbert can make nice with former targets in his new capacity as host of CBS’ The Late Show (tonight it’s Bill O’Reilly), the field’s fairly wide open for Bee and her weekly late-night program. (We’ll see this Sunday if John Oliver keeps his campaign promise to “couldn’t give less of a sh*t” about Donald Trump” et al, now that it actually is 2016.)

Kicking off her show Bee said how happy she was to have her own late-night show “and during an election year, thank you sweet baby Jesus” after months “sitting here with no show, yelling at the wall, while the most deranged electoral shit show in a generation passed me by.”

Last week’s Democratic town hall showcased Bernie Sanders dresses in the Democratic Party’s tent, playing up his image of “blustery old grandpa living off social security checks and stolen sugar packet,” Bee said, while Hillary Clinton told town hall attendees, “This is hard for me. I never thought I’d be standing on stage here asking people to vote for me for president.”

“Oh, f*ck off,” Bee responded to Clinton’s disingenuousness.

The next night’s Dem debate, Bee said, was two hours of “Hillary trying to distance herself from Wall Street while Sanders tried to flag down a waitress.”

But two hours-worth of gags about the Dem town hall and debate had to thrown  out for tonight’s show debut, because…, well, Republicans.

Iowans chose “fist-faced horse-sh*t salesman Ted Cruz as their new prize heifer” at their caucuses, Bee assessed, but that was nothing compared to the New Hampshire, where Saturday’s GOP debate went off the rails at about the negative 1-minute mark when 43% of Republican candidates failed an important presidential test:

Bee mocked GOP debate-hosting ABC News’ Martha Raddatz for telling viewers “Ladies and Gentlemen, your Republican candidates,” when there were still three empty podiums on stage. “Even if one’s for Elijah, there’s still two empty podiums!” Bee railed.

Trump was the “sentient caps-lock button” of the debate, who “forgot to bring his nouns to the debate” with lines such as,  “Tremendous has been just sucked out of our country by China.”

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio’s line, “Why doesn’t the media ask Hillary Clinton about why she believes all abortions should be legal – even on the due date of that unborn child?” Bee called “literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Removing a baby on its due date is not an abortion. It’s a cesarian!” she snarked.

After a commercial break, Bee introduced what will be regular segment on the show, in which she takes to task an already elected official: her debut Elected Paperweight of the Month prize was won by Kansas state Sen. Mitch Holmes, for having come up with a dress code for women in the state capitol, because the men already know how to look professional.

And no regular interview feature left time for a longer pre-taped segment,  Jeb?:

TNT, Adult Swim, and truTV simulcast tonight’s premiere. HLN was announced as planning to simulcast, but changed plans late yesterday before the launch. CNN was busy covering the final day of political campaigning before today’s first primary of the 2016 presidential election cycle. night.