EXCLUSIVE: Remember all the rigmarole and conflicting stories surrounding Rose McGowan’s departure from Innovative Artists last summer after the actress went to social media to talk about being dropped from her agency? Well, she’s back with her old rep from Innovative — but, wait, not at Innovative. The actress has followed her former Innovative agent Sheila Wenzel to her new gig at Londonderry Entertainment, where Wenzel is now a manager. She left Innovative in June.

McGowan, who was ready for a fight saying that she was dropped was because she took to social media about sexism, now is a welcomed client at Londonderry. She just wrapped the indie psychological thriller Lower Bay. “Rose is one of the great examples why we formed Londonderry Entertainment — to work with artists who have a strong voice and vision and are very talented,” said Wenzel when Deadline tracked the ex-agent down. “I am very proud to be reunited with Rose, whom I adore.”