Talent manager Rick Ax, owner of Gold Coast Management, has died at age 56, Deadline has confirmed. His wife Courtney Rheuban told Deadline that her husband worked up until just days before succumbing to the colon cancer that took his life February 8.

Ax, whose clients included Radha Mitchell, Colm Meaney, Michael Cudlitz, and Kurt Fuller, among others, was diagnosed with the cancer in March 2014. Rheuban said he died at their home in Venice, California. Ax began his career as an agent in New York

Ax began his career as a New York agent, then moved three decades ago to L.A., eventually becoming a manager. Rheuban says he’s survived by herself; sisters Ellen, Jennifer and Allyson; nieces and nephews Rachel, Kelsey, Geoffrey and Alison; and dogs Kelly, Tina, Jack, Cookie, Mousse and Lucy. Donations can be made in lieu of flowers to Star Paws Rescue Foundation, Much Love Animal Rescue and Downtown Dog Rescue.