Melissa McCarthy, with two movies to promote, hosted the Valentine’s Day edition of SNL, with musical guest Kanye West, in a B+ episode of the 41st season. Things got off to a topical start with a cold open that featured cast members discussing Hillary-vs.-Bernie — and leaning toward the latter, as Kate McKinnon’s Clinton swung around on a trapeze, serenading them with a pointedly flop-sweaty “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” McCarthy, comparatively sleek in black, monologued about how proud she was to be hosting for the fifth time — until Kenan Thompson, wearing a gawky “5” costume, burst her bubble by pointing out that she’d actually hosted just four episodes — plus one-sixteenth of a time if you credit her appearance on last year’s 40th anniversary program.

Fans of projectile vomiting — and you know who you are — got a dose during a sketch that took us behind the scenes of those audience test screenings Hollywood loves so much, in this case of fake horror flick “The Cul-de-Sac.” We were treated to pre-taped clips of the group’s reactions to scenes from the movie that included McCarthy tossing her cookies and spit-taking all over the folks in front of her. In “Pick-Up Artist,” she played a would-be graduate of a class in female dating artistry whose skills still need some polishing:

And while we know executive producer Lorne Michaels just hates when the company breaks character, Leslie Jones’ barely contained crack-ups during the bit were fairly endearing. Jones herself got in a great scene on Weekend Update, cataloguing her list of necessaries in a man while, as usual, coming on strong to co-anchor Colin Jost, suggesting he was a big ol’ dollop of Miracle Whip she’d like to spread on her sammmies, uh huh.