Indigenous Media is partnering with Women in Film and others to launch Made by Women, an incubator focused on producing dramatic series programming helmed by women. The venture will work with a new group of female writer-directors and has drawn a number of successful women to serve as mentors, including Lesli Linka Glatter, Mimi Leder, Kasi Lemmons, Betty Thomas and Sarah Treem.

Also involved in the incubator are the PGA’s Women’s Impact Network, the Women’s Project Lab, the Alliance of Women Directors, the Kilroys and the Lillys to identify candidates for the program. Each organization will hand select three candidates, and Indigenous Media will narrow down this list of candidates and assign them to the mentors. Based on the writing samples, each mentor will select a final candidate.

The mentors will guide and encourage their candidates through the process of creating a pilot script for their series. Indigenous Media then will finance a short based on each mentor pairs’ pilot script, with the potential to produce and fund a full-length version.

“We are fortunate to have five incredibly talented women to launch Made by Women,” said Indigienous Media’s Jon Avnet, who founded the next-gen media company with fellow filmmakers Rodrigo Garcia and Jake Avnet. “Their skills and mentoring will be invaluable in assisting young storytellers to have their visions realized. Women are an appalling minority when it comes to serving as directors and showrunners. We hope this initiative will, in some small but concrete way, begin to rectify this situation.”Said Garcia: “Women’s voices are incredibly valuable in the storytelling process, as evidenced by the work of our mentors. We have collaborated with many of them in the past and are honored they have joined forces with us for this project.”

Made by Women is the second Indigenous incubator program. The first was a partnership with actor-producer Josh Hutcherson and Michelle Hutcherson. Powered by the Black List, it was designed to discover and mentor emerging filmmakers. More than 2,000 scripts were evaluated during the submission period, resulting in 222 scripts that met the basic criteria. The five whose shorts will be funded will be announced in the near future.