Tonight’s Oscar broadcast was surprisingly short on commentary about the can’t-make-this-stuff-up presidential race – maybe because the trophy show was so deeply mired in its own controversy. Jimmy Kimmel made up for that during his late-night show’s After The Oscars special edition, unveiling #Trumped, a new musical from the producers of The Producers. 

Nathan Lane reprises his role as Max Bialystock, and Matthew Broderick’s back as Leopold Bloom. And, this time (with the help of Cloris Leachman’s deep pockets) they concoct a can’t miss, get-rich-quick scheme promoting a can’t-win presidential candidate. He has to be “the worst candidate in history, a gold-plated nincompoop,” Max says – someone who will question Sen. John McCain’s war heroism, who will vow to ban a billion Muslims from entering the United States, who will declare Heidi Klum longer a 10.

They picked Donald Trump:

We need a chump

to put on the stump,

a frumpy, jumpy, grumpy,

named Donald J. Trump!

He’s building a wall

a thousand feet tall.

Don’t worry cause the Mexicans

will pay for it all!