With the Olsen Twins declining to participate in Netflix’s Fuller House update of ABC’s  90’s TGIF hit Full House, The Tonight Show imagined Donald Trump in the Olsen’s role of precocious moppet Michelle, only Jimmy Fallon filled in for Trump.”I’m afraid if I don’t win the nomination, everyone will say I’m a loser,” Michelle/Trump/Fallon told dads Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and John Stamos.

After they assure him, Full House style, he’s already a winner, having lasted longer than anyone expected in the 2016 presidential election cycle, Fallon/Trump/Michelle agrees, “I have to stay in the race. Otherwise a Clinton will be in the White House again. I mean, who wants to see something from the 90’s to come back in 2016?”

Fallon had opened last night’s show dinging some of Trump’s competitors in the White House race:

“Apparently some prostitutes at a Nevada brothel have launched a campaign for Hillary Clinton called ‘Hookers for Hillary.’ Yeah, they want to donate money to the Clintons – or as they call it, ‘Giving back’.”

“George W. Bush said his brother Jeb is the guy who can fix the problems that inflame our country’s frustrations. Or in other words, Jeb is America’s Preparation H.”

Is this what media darling Trump was referencing this morning when he told rally-attending voters in South Carolina the media does not treat him well? While Fallon filled in for Trump in the skit during NBC’s late night show visit to Los Angeles, Trump was otherwise engaged, speaking to Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, via its newly unveiled Trump Phone, agreeing to put $1B into a swear jar every time he used naughty words while campaigning. The Tonight Show’s Trump spoof aired the night before NBC News holds its Donald Trump one-man town hall on MSNBC, tonight, counter-programming CNN’s GOP town hall featuring Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson; Trump appears in a second CNN town hall, set for Thursday, in which Trump must share the spotlight with John Kasich and Jeb Bush.