CNN’s Jake Tapper landed the first TV interview with the actress who caused the Ted Cruz campaign to pull a new ad attacking Marco Rubio.

“As if we were not already in the middle of the most bizarre presidential race in modern history,” Tapper began giddily, noting the ad got pulled yesterday when Daily Caller revealed one of the actors in the spot had done adult films. Amy Lindsay is the one who delivered the line to the actor playing the disillusioned Rubio fan, “Maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time”; she’s also performed in “steamy … erotic” movies including Carnal Wishes, Insatiable Desires and Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps, Tapper noted.  Lindsay also has appeared in Star Trek: Voyager, and the film adaptation The Portrait of a Lady.

“I was pretty shocked. I shot this ad a couple months ago,” Lindsay told Tapper of this week’s kerfuffle.

While describing the shoot as a “gig,” she said when she got the script she saw it was about supporting a Republican candidate, “which is definitely what I am doing.”

“I thought the writing is smart, I thought it was snappy. I did not know who it was for, but I do identify myself as a conservative Republican. I knew it was something I could get behind and support,” Lindsay added.

She insisted she can see the “point of view” of the evangelical GOP candidate’s campaign, but “one of hot topics right now in this great country we all love, United States of America, is the right to free speech. I have right to be here and tell my view about it and explain, to people who might be interested, who I am and what I stand for. And they absolutely have the right to the beliefs they have.

“I’ve gotten gotten a lot support on the right, from a lot of people who think the Cruz campaign might have acted hastily,” Lindsay reported, describing herself as “fiscally conservative and maybe a little more socially liberal in some of my views.”

Asked if it was hypocritical for the Cruz campaign to insinuate only “liberal deviants” watch the kind of movies on her résumé, she declined to go that far but said, “It’s definitely a dichotomy to me.” She also told Tapper she loved his “liberal deviants” gag and intended to use it in future interviews.

Lindsay’s not ready to announce which GOP candidate has her support, but Cruz still is in the mix, she said, explaining graciously, “He’s got a job to do. And I’m a middle-class working girl, and I had a job to do.”

“You’re going to come back on our show when you’re ready to endorse, I assume?” Tapper asked, hopefully.

“Yes – I absolutely will!” Lindsay beamed.