ESPN is moving into the early morning TV news arena with SportsCenter: AM, set to launch at 7 AM ET Monday, February 8, the day after the Super Bowl.

Starting earlier than a live SportsCenter ever has on a regular basis, SportsCenter: AM will air from 7-10 AM ET, a three-hour block in which it will go head-to-head against broadcast and cable news morning/infotainment programs

The three-hour SportsCenter: AM will feature ESPN personalities Jay Harris, Kevin Negandhi and Jaymee Sire anchoring the program, joined by contributor Sarina Morales who will be active on social media platforms during the show. The first hour will focus on highlights from the previous night in sports. The second hour will showcase top plays and moments from the previous night and the third hour will begin the transition to the upcoming day in sports while still featuring highlights.

“We know that from 7-10 a.m., sports fans are on the go,” said Rob King, ESPN senior vice president, SportsCenter and News. “So this show will be especially attuned to the needs of this audience: delivering a smart, fast-paced, highlights-driven report that’s mindful of the time fans have to consume news as they start their days.”