Media darling Donald Trump this morning told rally-attending voters in South Carolina the media treats him terribly, comfortable in the knowledge none of them saw him star in a comedy bit on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show last night because, you know, Republicans do not like Colbert, we’ve heard.

Hours earlier, Trump appeared on The Late Show, via its newly unveiled orange Trump Phone, telling Colbert he’d agree to put $1 billion into a swear-jar every time he uses a naughty word on the campaign.

Tonight at 8 PM ET, NBC News also will try to snag some of those Donald Trump ratings, starring Trump in his own town hall, counter-programming CNN’s town hall featuring Trump nemesis Ted Cruz, as well as Marco Rubio and Ben Carson (CNN will town-hall Trump tomorrow night, also featuring Trump’s most favorite verbal-shred target Jeb Bush, as well as John Kasich).

MSNBC parent NBC News is looking to recover some of those Trump numbers that had slipped through its fingers last October when the RNC snached away from NBC this month’s GOP debate, to punish Comcast for the caustic CNBC GOP debate.

“I don’t know if you’re aware of this but Donald Trump,” Stephen Colbert began on last night’s show.

“He’s running for president on the platform of opening his mouth and saying things,” Colbert said. And, among the things coming out of Trump’s mouth has been salty language which Trump recently recently vowed to knock off.

Trump, who is campaigning in South Carolina, called to explain he cleaned up his language because he’s now “running for office” – though Colbert noted he’s been running for office for some time during which he’s used language that’s given CBS Decency Police the vapors. In recent days polled South Carolina voters have indicated they’d hesitate to elect a potty-mouth POTUS, and Trump’s GOP rivals Bush and Cruz both have launched anti-Trump ads decrying his vocabulary.

“Why don’t you have a swear jar, and every time you say a word you put a billion dollars in it?” Colbert asked.

The conversation began with Trump telling Colbert “You’re fired” so Colbert would know it really was him which, Colbert noted, many people might say (see “Republicans” above). But, Trump quickly added, he didn’t really mean it because Colbert is doing such a great job.

“Don’t make me love you, old man,” Colbert warned.