Sometimes the snake swallowing its own tail is life affirming instead of depressing. Case in point, this spot-on parody of Kanye West’s infamous leaked Saturday Night Live rant posted to Youtube this afternoon by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.  Listen to it here but warning: it’s extremely NSFW due to language.

Titled “Why Deadpool won’t be hosting SNL,” the video’s description claims the character was due to host SNL back in the ’90s, “but then this happened.” It begins as a note for note skewering of Kanye’s SNL breakdown, including a complaint that SNL “took my f*****g Life Of Pablo album without asking.” Reynolds then swaps out Taylor Swift’s name for Rip Taylor, and vows to “break the [expletive] Internet,” boasting about the success of the film and claiming to be “50% more influential than MC Hammer.”  It goes on from there.

The clip was posted in response to a petition aiming to convince Lorne Michaels to have Deadpool host an upcoming episode of SNL. No, literally, the idea is to have Reynolds host the show in character as Deadpool. That’s extremely unlikely to happen, but it isn’t impossible. In 2010, a Facebook group calling for Betty White to host SNL succeeded after it collected more than 500,000 fans. However, with only 69,258 followers as of this posting, the Deadpool petition has a long way to go to match Betty’s backers. Even so, the huge success of Fox’s superhero-cum-black comedy blockbuster is likely to have people talking for a few more weeks. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Reynolds end up with a cameo.

We’ll see. Meanwhile, SNL is on hiatus until March 5th, when it returns with Jonah Hill hosting along with musical guest Future.