EXCLUSIVE: Last year, among the five titles he wrote music for, composer Tom Holkenborg made Whitey Bulger menacing and kept the adrenaline pumping during Max Max: Fury Road‘s desert chase with a flame-spewing heavy metal guitarist. The Dutch multi-instrumentalist starts off this year first with 20th Century Fox’s Marvel superhero title Deadpoolfollowed by Warner Bros.’ Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice which he co-composed with Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer. Once known as the techno impresario Junkie XL, Holkenborg has been highly coveted by four quad filmmakers for his melting pot of industrial sounds, pulsing bass beats, electronic noise and classical compositions which are on display here in the Deadpool cue “Small Disruption”. The album is currently available on Milan Records and Deadpool will begin shaking up the box office on Feb. 12. In the last two years, Holkenborg’s music has been attached to tentpoles which have grossed $2 billion at the worldwide box office.