CNN says its cables were “tampered with” as it covered New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s surprise endorsement of GOP front-runner Donald Trump this morning. Viewers tuning in to CNN for what Trump had promised would be a major announcement saw the network having video problems, as did MSNBC. Those who watch on Fox News Channel, or broadcast networks’ news streams, saw the news conference. CNN and MSNBC offered viewers audio of the presser, and used photos of last night’s debate, or older video, until they could get on screen the video of the news conference, in smaller boxes, before finally returning to video as usual. MSNBC says its tech issues were the result of losing its signal in the room. A CNN source said “someone cut the CNN cable between the truck and the fiber box” and that the cable appeared “shredded.”

“We want to apologize for the technical difficulties,” CNN Wolf Blitzer said after the news conference wrapped. The previous night, Blitzer moderated CNN’s telecast of the GOP debate at which Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz hammered the GOP frontrunner for the first time at a debate. Because of that, and this being a through-the-looking-glass election cycle, news outlets began to sell the story strong, with headlines that included “Who Cut CNN’s Cable at Donald Trump’s Newser?” and “CNN’s Cable ‘Shredded’ During Trump Press Conference.”

Trump news conferences have, even before this morning, been particularly pore-opening for reporters. The pugnacious presidential candidate’s speeches, while extemporaneous, always set aside a few moments to attack the TV networks with cameras the hall, who have done so much to further his campaign, at so little cost to him, by covering his every move. Earlier this month, NBC’s Katy Tur tweeted that a particularly yeasty Trump taunting had inspired some of his followers to reach out to her directly:

This caused other TV journalists to  weigh in: