Bernie Sanders is hopping back on a plane to appear on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and ABC’s daytime talker The View on Wednesday after his big win tonight in the New Hampshire primary. Minutes after polls closed in New Hampshire, TV news operations called it for Sanders in the Dem primary and Donald Trump among GOP hopefuls.

It will be Sanders’ second jaunt to Manhattan in less than a week. Last weekend he took a short break from campaigning in the Granite State to join doppelganger Larry David on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

The Late Show visit is smart, because Colbert’s from South Carolina, where the next primary will be held and where TV political pundits (who, granted, have gotten so much wrong this election cycle) predict he’ll have a rough time. And Sanders will be able to remind Colbert that last time he visited Late Show — back in September, shortly after Colbert took over as host — Colbert wondered how he expected to survive without a Super PAC, advising him “don’t bring a spoon to a knife fight”: