The British Academy of Film and Television Arts celebrated its biggest night tonight at London’s Royal Opera House, which ended with kudos going to Alejandro G Inarritu and The Revenant. The movie won Best Director, Best Actor for Leonardo DiCaprio, and Best Film. It took five awards total, including Cinematography (with Emmanuel Lubezki becoming only the second person to win three years in a row) and Sound. But in the technicals, Mad: Max Fury Road drove away with four wins. A total of 14 films took prizes, but there was no love for Carol, which had nine noms. Bridge of Spies, also with nine noms, won only one prize, for Mark Rylance in Supporting Actor. Best Actress went to Brie Larson in Room, further cementing her journey to the Oscars. Check out the live blog below for a full play-by-play of how the night went down.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201610:54 am

Welcome to the starriest night on the British film calendar. The BAFTAs will be live shortly from the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201610:57 am

It’s a varied list of nominees this year. Plenty of crossover with the AMPAS list, but also a few curveballs thrown, given the different qualification criteria BAFTA uses (UK release dates mean certain films don’t qualify)

Nancy Tartaglione February 14, 201610:58 am

It’s BAFTA night in London, but that’s not the only celebration in town. The end of Chinese New Year parade caused mega-congestion for folks trying to get to the red carpet…

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201610:59 am

Speaking of red carpet: our sister site @wwd is live-blogging it:

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:00 am

And as is usual with BAFTA, some solid representation for British names; though oddly not Tom Hardy, nommed for Revenant at Oscar. He missed out on BAFTA love for that film, as well as Legend and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Nancy Tartaglione February 14, 201611:01 am

Anne Morrison, BAFTA chair, kicked off the show in a pre-show moment by talking about diveristy. There were protests outside this evening with #baftablackout banners.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:01 am

Elsewhere, Alicia Vikander gets nods for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. She’s up for Supporting at Oscar, for The Danish Girl. The British Academy favored her as a lead in that movie, and gave her Supporting for Ex Machina.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:03 am

The #baftablackout protest calls for a quota system. In Supporting Actor, Idris Elba takes one of the spots in the BAFTA list for Beasts of No Nation, and Benicio Del Toro is the other name not on the American Academy’s supporting actor list, for his turn in Sicario. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:05 am

Straight Outta Compton has no love on BAFTA’s list, despite being the first screener received by voters this year – a good couple of weeks before the rest started to arrive.

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201611:05 am

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:09 am

Stephen Fry emerges to James Bond music. “Fitting that BAFTA falls on Valentine’s Day because a lot of films were about love this year: Carol, a love affair between two women… and another film about a love affair between priests… and their lawyers. And in between Matt Damon and potatoes.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:10 am

He makes Michael Fassbender do his annual kiss-cam, blowing a kiss to the audience.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:10 am

And now a montage of this year in film, set to David Bowie’s Heroes.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:12 am

Montage ends with “Chewie, we’re home,” line from Star Wars 7. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:13 am

The first award of the night will be Outstanding British Film. This is voted for by an opt-in BAFTA chapter. The Theory of Everything was last year’s winner, and Eddie Redmayne and Working Title are back with The Danish Girl this year.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:13 am

Kate Winslet and Idris Elba are presenting the award.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:16 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:17 am

Produced by the popular Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey, Brooklyn is a film made for BAFTA. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:18 am

Dwyer: “On behalf of the cast and crew in London, Dublin and New York, thank you so much for honoring our film in this way.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:18 am

Director John Crowley wishes the room a happy valentine’s day.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:19 am

Make-up and Hair is the next award up.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:20 am

Noms are Brooklyn, Revenant, Mad Max, Danish Girl and Carol

Nancy Tartaglione February 14, 201611:22 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:23 am

Mad Max was always a good bet for the technicals. Cinematography is up next.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:24 am

Emmanuel Lubezki won the last two years for Gravity and Birdman. If he picks up again this year, he’ll be the first three-time winner since Oswald Morris in 64/65/66, and only the second ever to do it.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:24 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:26 am

Best Documentary is up next.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:27 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:27 am

Asif Kapadia previously won this award in its inaugural year for his film Senna, so this is two-for-two for him.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:28 am

Kapadia: “Thank you to the people who trusted us to make this story. Difficult film to make, all about Amy, the main thing was to try to tell the truth about her before it all got out of control.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:29 am

Producer James Gay-Rees: “A lot of people have struggled with addiction. The next time this comes up, let’s try to be more grown-up about it”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:29 am

Original Music is next.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:30 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:31 am

Ennio Morricone sends a message, “Sorry, I have a concert in Dublin tonight. Sincere thanks to the British Academy. Thanks to Quentin and the Weinsteins for inviting me to be a part of this film. Collaborations with directors like Quentin have given me 55 years of pleasure at 85 years old, it’s gratifying my work is so recognised.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:31 am

The short categories are happening next.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:33 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:34 am

Morricone came to London for the Hateful Eight premiere, and there was a huge allocation of BAFTA seats. He wasn’t on stage, but was introduced by QT and there was a huge round of applause for the Maestro.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:36 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:37 am

Nancy’s computer has gone for a drinks. We’re working together, but I’m helping her chime in for now.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:38 am

Nancy: Brooklyn winner John Crowley says backstage that financiers weren’t sure about the movie, saying, “nothing really happens in it.” But the game was a slow build of emotion.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:39 am

Nancy: Julie Walters, nommed for Supporting Actress, joined Crowley backstage minus an earring. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:39 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:40 am

George Miller’s wife, Margaret Sixel, was the editor. “Film was an editor’s dream job. Thanks George Miller, whose passion has made every day in the cutting room an adventure.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:40 am

Nancy: Miller was joyous at the nominees cocktails last night. Clearly happy after the film’s long run since it debuted in Cannes.

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201611:41 am

That’s a repeat of the ACE Eddie Awards where Mad Max was the winner in the dramatic category (Big Short took comedic).

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:41 am

Nancy: I asked Miller if he thought his movie shoudl have opened Cannes rather than playing day two and he said, “It was a strategic decision and they never made a better decision.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:42 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:42 am

Nancy: Ironic that nobody in the pressroom heard the winner get announced for the Sound award.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:43 am

Nancy: George Miller says he’s excited to be the president of the Cannes jury this year and he put off other work to do it because as his friend William Goldman said to him, “When else do you get to watch and enjoy and discuss movies you know nothing about?”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:44 am

Special Visual Effects is next. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:46 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:47 am

Nancy: Star Wars was shot in the UK and brought a lot of work to the local industry. It’ll continue to be a fixture in the UK in the future: Rogue One shot here, and so will Episode 8.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:48 am

The VFX team thanks JJ Abrams, which gets a round of applause.

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201611:48 am

Star Wars won at the VES Awards too — this will be its best shot at the Oscars obviously

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:49 am

Rising Star is the next award up. This is the only BAFTA voted for by the public, so one suspects John Boyega has it in the bag. Nancy: Taron Egerton was the only one we spotted at the Nominees’ Cocktails, so does he have it?

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:52 am

Nancy: There’s another actress in the list but I don’t know that anyone’s heard of her. Who is this Brie Larson person?

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:52 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:53 am

It had to be really. I don’t know anyone who didn’t see Force Awakens less than twice.

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201611:53 am

He obviously was still campaigning for votes on the red carpet earlier:

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:54 am

Boyega: “I haven’t been doing this for a long time. Thanks to best friends, family, agent who repped me since I was 16, I share the award with all the young dreamers who are determined and hardworking. This is all for you. Blesses to you path.”

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201611:55 am

Deadline’s readers went nuts for our exclusive clip of Boyega’s Imperial Dreams, which is what made JJ Abrams to cast him in Force Awakens. Here’s that story.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:55 am

Nancy: Rebel Wilson is reading from a prepared statement. “I’ve never been invited to the Oscars because as you know they are racist, but the BAFTAs have diverse members and that’s what we all want to see in life isn’t it? Diverse members.” Huge laugh from the crowd. “Someday I hope to win a bafta myself. I’ve already been practicing my transgender face.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:56 am

Wilson: “Sorry Idris, you’re making me nervous. I’m sociologically programmed to want chocolate on Valentine’s Day.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:57 am

I’m plumping for Rylance in this category – he’s beloved on stage here. Nancy thinks another Mark, Ruffalo has it, although none of the Spotlight crew were at the Nominees’ Cocktail last night.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:58 am

Nancy: Rylance’s star is on the rise internationally with Wolf Hall and The BFG, and he’s always stylin’ in a pork pie hat.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:58 am


Joe Utichi February 14, 201611:59 am

I was right, again… Spielberg is accepting for him as Rylance is on Broadway, of course.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:00 pm

Spielberg: “Mark asked me if I’d stand in.” He reads a note from Mark. “Apologies I can’t be with you.” He shouts out supporting actors. “Lead Actors are gifted and often, as is the case with Tom Hanks, generous. Tom and Steven supported ME in this movie.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:00 pm

Animated Film is next. The only AMPAS crossover is Inside Out.

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201612:01 pm

Why so few noms Joe?

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:01 pm

Nancy: Eddie Izzard riffs about a pig and a badger in space.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:02 pm

There are always a small number of nominees in this category. There isn’t a specialist animation branch at BAFTA as far as I’m aware.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:02 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:02 pm

Pete Docter accepting.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:03 pm

Docter: “To any middle-school kids out there experiencing these emotions: express it, the world woudl be a better place.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:04 pm

Nancy: UK is the number two market for Inside Out internationally. This movie made $60m locally, and touched a nerve with British auds.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:05 pm

Nancy: Supporting Actress is next, and Eddie Redmayne presents.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:06 pm

Nancy: This is interesting because Alicia is supporting in the US for Danish Girl. Here she’s supporting for Ex machina, and lead in Danish Girl.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:07 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:07 pm

She kisses Fassbender on the way to the stage. Nancy: BAFTA loves Kate Winslet, with good reason.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:07 pm

Will this help her Oscar campaign?

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:08 pm

Winslet: “Extraordinary year for women and I feel so proud to stand beside my fellow nominees.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:09 pm

Lots of kudos for Danny Boyle, Aaron Sorkin and Michael Fassbender in her speech. 

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201612:10 pm

On the red carpet tonight:

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:10 pm

Nancy: Up next is costume design, which includes a double nominee in the much-loved Brit Sandy Powell. Costume is a hot topic tonight because Angels the costumier is getting the Outstanding Contribution Award later.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:11 pm

Nancy: Powell’s worldwide reach is so great that she was part of the Cinderella panel at the World Premiere in Berlin this time last year.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:11 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:12 pm

Nancy: This is starting to feel like a Mad Max below-the-line sweep, and it still has Production Design noms to play.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:12 pm

It missed out on Editing and VFX, but I agree Nancy – clearly lots of love for this movie’s technicals.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:13 pm

Nancy: Boyega says backstage that tomrorow is his first day on set for Episode 8 tomorrow. He’s picked up at 8AM. “I’m on fumes.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:14 pm

Next is Outstanding Debut. This is a jury vote in which the jury sits through every eligible nominated film. I’ve done this jury in the past – four years of it – and I know whatever the result is, it’s a film that you don’t want to miss. I feel Ex Machina deserves it.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:17 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:18 pm

Nancy: This is an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language. Debuted Venice in 2014 and it’s the second movie ever from Jordan presented for the Oscars. Naji Abu Nuwar is a maverick filmmaker who attacked this film like he said Roger Corman would have.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:19 pm

Nancy’s very pleased with this result. She’s been covering the Foreign Language race closely this season, as every year.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:19 pm

In Memoriam montage.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:22 pm

BAFTA celebrates the careers of Alan Rickman, Melissa Mathieson, Maureen O’Hara, Omar Sharif, Haskell Wexler, James Horner, David Bowie, Ron Moody, Vilmos Zsigmond, Wes Craven, Jacques Rivette, amongst others. Clips for the last name on the list: Sir Christopher Lee.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:23 pm

Straight onto Adapted Screenplay.

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201612:24 pm

Remember they altered the order of the marquee awards at the WGAs last night so that the noms could get on a plane for London…

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:25 pm

Nancy: Theeb is the only film on BAFTA’s Foreign Language list that corresponds with AMPAS this year. Could its win in Outstanding Debut indicate a foreign language win too?

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:25 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:27 pm

Adam McKay says the movie is for everyone, and about what happened to everyone.

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201612:28 pm

Jet lag worth it for these guys, who won last night too. Spotlight took the Original win by the way — care to make it a double?

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:30 pm

Outstanding British Contribution is up next. Cate Blanchett is presenting. This award is going to Angels, the costumier. The business was started in 1840, and has supplied costumes to 37 Oscar winners for Best Costume. They have an enormous warehouse outside of London with something like 5 million items of clothing on eight miles of rails; there’s scarcely a film made in Britain that doesn’t rely on Angels to one degree or another.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:31 pm

Amongst the treasures in the Angels, in Sept 2005 they found the original cloak worn by Alec Guinness in Star Wars on their rails.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:33 pm

Nancy: On stage, they say there have been seven generations of Angels, supplying everything from the black-and-white era. “Over the years Angels has, for want of a better phrase, stepped in where angels fear to tread.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:35 pm

Original Screenplay is up next. Nancy: Quentin Tarantino is a popular screenwriter at BAFTA. He won for Django Unchained, and, as mentioned, the London Premiere of The Hateful Eight featured lots of BAFTA seats… And Tarantino sat amongst the members, watching his own film.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:36 pm

Nancy: Cuba Gooding Jr. is presenting. He’s a regular fixture at BAFTA. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:36 pm

Every year there’s a Cuba sighting. Of course, in the US he’s in The People vs. OJ Simpson right now. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:37 pm

Didn’t he take a selfie with you last year, Nancy?

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:37 pm

Nancy: Yeah, like a hundred… on his phone.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:38 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:39 pm

Nancy: First win of the night for Spotlight. Ruffalo didn’t win for Supporting.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:40 pm

Tom McCarthy: “My first BAFTA was The Station Agent, and it didn’t get engraved so nobody believes to this day that it’s my BAFTA.” He thanks eOne and Open Road.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:40 pm

Nancy: This is a big win for Open Road. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:41 pm

Nancy: They haven’t had a big Oscar movie like this before, and since its world premiere in Venice this movie has checked all the boxes and has been a new experience for Open Road, which is headlong into awards season, with eOne distributing internationally.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:42 pm

Foreign Language, with Carrie Fisher and Domhnall Gleeson presenting.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:44 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:46 pm

Nancy: Damián Szifron, who was nominated at Oscar last year, this was a record breaking movie in Argentina where he comes from. It broke every box office record. It was distributed by Warners in Argentina, a very smart acquisition. The Almodovar brothers produced it.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:46 pm

Nancy: The Almodovar brothers are finding and producing a lot of great talent right now.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:48 pm

Nancy: Szifron is writing The Six Billion Dollar Man in the US now.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:48 pm

We’ve got production design next – can Mad Max take it?

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:48 pm

Lots of other great nominees in this category.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:49 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:49 pm

Nancy: It missed out on two of its noms, but I think this qualifies as the official sweep for Mad Max. It wasn’t nominated in top-line categories, as it was at Oscar. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:51 pm

Sydney Poitier is next to receive the BAFTA Fellowship, the org’s highest honor. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:52 pm

A montage of his extraordinary career is playing to the Royal Opera House right now. Oprah fetes him in the video. 

Patrick Hipes February 14, 201612:53 pm

To this point, Mad Max has 4 wins, The Revenant 2 (but can catch up now that we’re into the primetime categories). No other film has won more than 1.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:56 pm

Montage ends with Oprah congratulating him on receiving the fellowship; the montage featured all of the great moments of Poitier’s career.

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:56 pm

Poitier is not in the room. Jamie Foxx and Poitier’s daughter are on a videotaped message with Poitier. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:57 pm

“Thank you for honoring my father. He’s a scholar, a seeker, an entrepreneur and a humanitarian. And he’s a terrible dancer.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:58 pm

She’s presenting the award to him. “Sorry I’m unable to be there,” he says. “I hold a very special place in my heart for London and I’ve been honoured by the Queen and recognised by BAFTA for my previous work. My cup runneth over.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:59 pm

Poitier appears very frail on the video. “It’s an extraordinary moment and memory that I shall cherish.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 201612:59 pm

OK, the big four are up next: Director, Actress, Actor and Film.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:02 pm

Nancy: Ridley Scott may have home field advantage. Alejandro didn’t win last year for Birdman, because Linklater snuck with Boyhood. Could BAFTA recognise The Revenant as a nod to both extraordinary films?

Patrick Hipes February 14, 20161:03 pm

Ridley Scott not nominated for an Oscar of course in this category….

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:03 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:05 pm

Another step on the road to Oscar? “It’s truly an honor,” says Inarritu, who missed last year along with most of the director nominees because the DGA was the night before BAFTA. He says it’s 24th anniversary with his wife tomorrow, so it’s a great Valentine’s present.

Patrick Hipes February 14, 20161:06 pm

Nancy called it — this follows his DGA win earlier and makes him the clear Oscar front-runner. If Leo and the film follow here that will make a strong statement.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:08 pm

Sasha Baron Cohen is on stage to present Lead Actress. “BAFTA has shown none of the discrimination that the Oscars have. BAFTA makes sure every year that at least one of the nominees for Best Actress is a dame.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:08 pm

Cohen: “The nominees for Best WHITE actress goes to…” Fry rushes out, “No, no, it’s just LEAD actress.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:09 pm

Nancy: Maggie Smith is the Dame in the room, of course, nominated for The Lady in the Van.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:10 pm

Nancy: If Brie Larson doesn’t win this award it’s a big upset, but BAFTA loves Cate Blanchett and Saoirse could be the wildcard.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:10 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:10 pm

Brie Larson is ANOTHER no-show. Lenny Abrahamson collects.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:11 pm

She’s away shooting Kong: Skull Island, but she’s been making a lot of other awards shows so this is a surprise. Says Lenny: “She’s wrestling a large gorilla.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:11 pm

Nancy: Before BAFTA moved ahead of Oscar there were lots of no-shows, but since it’s become a key fixture on the calendar. So the absences are certainly a surprise.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:12 pm

Lead Actor is next. Leo has to have this in the bag. Julianne Moore, last year’s Best Actress, is presenting. She’s lost her voice and is having a hard time speaking.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:14 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:15 pm

So Best Actor and Best Actress seem more locked than ever now. He’s in the room, thankfully…

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:16 pm

Nancy: There are hoots in the room. “Inspired by so many British actors over the years like Tom Courtenay and Gary Oldman.” He’s thanking Tom Hardy. The room explodes. “Not only as a collaborator but as a friend.” Now he thanks crew.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:17 pm

DiCaprio: “For his commitment to authenticity, thank you Alejandro. This movie would not have been possible without you.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:17 pm

He finishes by thanking his mom on his mother’s birthday. He wouldn’t have been there without her taking him to school every day, as he said in Mike Fleming’s interview last week.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:18 pm

One more award to go folks. Tom Cruise is presenting, as he did last year: a surprise presenter. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:18 pm

Nancy is very excited about this.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:19 pm

So Best Film. I’m feeling it for The Revenant. You, Nancy?

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:19 pm

Nancy: I think Revenant too, the way it’s gone. If Mad Max had been nominated in this category I think it would have won. So much love, clearly.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:21 pm


Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:21 pm

It had to be. Especially since Birdman was such a close runner up last year. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:23 pm

Inarritu: “The tradition of filmmaking here in the UK is amazing.” He mentions his anniversary again. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:25 pm

That’s all from the main show, but there are still a few winners filtering backstage. 

Joe Utichi February 14, 20161:51 pm

DiCaprio and Alejandro are backstage.

Joe Utichi February 14, 20162:03 pm

DiCaprio: “This is an insane thing that is absolutely beyond my control. It’s up to the world now, and I’m really happy to be a part of this film. The epic arthouse movie is becoming extict and there’s a desire from audiences around the world,” to see those movies. “Hopefully more films like this will get financed around the world.”

Joe Utichi February 14, 20162:04 pm

That’s all folks. Thanks for joining Nancy and I. As the stars descend on the dinner and the various afterparties, so do we.