Animal Planet has ordered a series tentatively called Penn Vet that takes viewers behind the scenes at the University of Pennsylvania’s highly competitive veterinary school. With more than 30,000 patient visits per year, and species ranging from guinea pigs to zebras, the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School is one of the busiest teaching hospitals in the country. Penn Vet boasts it opened the first ever facility for the care of critically injured large animals, the first state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgery suite, the first recovery pool for equine orthopedic surgeries, and created the world’s first animal bloodmobile.

The series will document select fourth-year students as they complete the program, handing a wide range of cases. Students at the school have been known to learn jaguar tooth extraction, snow leopard eyelid surgery, and caring for a critically ill camel.

Penn Vet is the network’s first series buy since Rich Ross added oversight of Animal Planet (and Science Channel) to his portfolio in August, when he was named Group President of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science Channel.

“Vet students driven by a mission to heal and protect animals take everything they’ve learned and put it to the test in this series. Penn Vet will give our viewers a front row seat to this journey,” he said of the new series, set to premiere this year.

Penn Vet is produced for Animal Planet by High Noon Entertainment, where Jim Berger, Scott Feeley, Sarah Presta, and Michael Call serve as executive producers. For Animal Planet, Dawn Sinsel is executive producer, Krishna San Nicolas is producer and Meredith Russell is associate producer.