Director James Cullen Bressack’s controversial ode to excess, 2013’s White Crack Bastard, is finally getting distribution as the film has been acquired by Brinkvision with plans to release February 20. Something like Wolf of Wall Street meets Bad Lieutenant, the film tells the story of Luke Anderson, a privileged white man who uses sex addition and drug abuse as a form of self-flagellation for his inability to accept his happy life and feel comfortable in his own skin and as an unconventional form of therapy. With each act of self-destruction filling in a missing link to the puzzle of his life, Luke struggles to become the man he’s always wanted to be and to lead the life he’s always dreamed of. Watch the trailer here.

White Crack Bastard stars Rhett Benz (who also serves as producer), Taja V. Simpson, Edmond Chapple and Walter Mendoza. Bressack directed from a script by Lisa Vachon. Bressack’s Limelight was acquired by Taylor & Dodge during AFM and he served as co-executive producer on the Troma Horror anthology Theatre Of The Deranged II. He’s repped by John Schneider at Schneider Management and Howard Fishman at Hirsch Wallerstein.

6ixThe producers behind the upcoming Kickboxer: Vengeance have set sites on a new project, with the upcoming thriller 6ix to begin filming in Chicago in May. Written by Nicholas Celozzi, the story follows a a devout and merciless killer who believes he was born without a soul and seeks to regain it by stealing the “senses” of his victims, using the New Testament Book of Revelation for inspiration. Two detectives are tasked with finding him before it’s too late and six innocent lives are lost.

Jared Cohn (Wishing for a Dream) is directing, with Celozzi producing alongside Jeff Bowler. 6ix is fully funded, and is aiming for release later in 2016.