Like a lot of people, Judd Apatow was not happy that Ridley Scott’s hugely successful and critically acclaimed science fiction drama The Martian was categorized as a comedy during the Golden Globes, which almost certainly guaranteed its win last week for best film in that category. Unlike a lot of people, Judd Apatow is famous enough to speak at the Critic’s Choice Awards tonight. Onstage to present Amy Schumer with the “MVP Award”, Apatow went wildly off script, using his allotted time instead to call out the Golden Globes for The Martian categorization in an hilarious, profane rant.

After jokingly telling a very game Matt Damon (sitting in the audience) that Damon made him feel like a nerdy kid who’d just had his lunch money stolen, he said “I don’t mean to be weird about it, but to all the dramas out there, go f**k yourself.”

“And your period costumes, and your concussion, and your bears, and your sexuality, go f**k yourself!”

This garnered loud cheers and applause from (probably) inebriated crowd. Apatow then turned his ire on the Critics Choice Awards themselves. “I’m here to give an award, the the funniest person in the world miss Amy Schumer,” he said. “The MVP award! They made up an award to get her here. That’s how valid these awards are.”

Apatow went on to list Schumer’s numerous 2015 accomplishments, rib JJ Abrams, and generally do what they asked him to do, which was liven up the proceedings. But don’t take my word for it – watch it here now.